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Sustainable energy and mobility: the energy and environmental transition

26/01/2024 - 26/01/2024
girasoli pale eoliche

At the start of this important 2024, a meeting on a topical issue such as the energy and digital transition that will characterize the immediate future of the Italian and global industrial and economic system.

Two invited speeches on topics related to two important infrastructures, the national electricity grid and the sustainable mobility grid of the city of Genoa, will give the launch to a panel discussion with the qualified presence of outstanding protagonists, moderated by an experienced journalist.

It is particularly significant that this meeting will take place in Genoa: Italy, Genoa and Liguria are in fact a very attractive pole for the energy-digital sector having here many valid and prestigious companies, Italian and international, important Research Centers, and being Genoa a university seat of particular prestige.

The meeting also has the desire to bring to everyone's attention the urgency and necessity of attracting and training professional figures in the energy-electric sector so necessary to meet and address the challenges posed by the many significant changes taking place.

Dove e quando?

January 26, 2024, 10:30 a.m.

Sala delle Grida of Palazzo della Borsa, Piazza De Ferrari, Genoa

Mode i participation

The seminar is free of charge, open to the public and usable in different modes:

  • in presence (preferable): without reservation or with registration on the website of the Order to apply for the 2 training credits reserved for members of the Order of Engineers of the province of Genoa only
  • remotely: it is necessary to register on the AEIT website by 24/01/2024; will be sent the link of the connection on Zoom platform, to be considered confidential.

For more information:

AEE Society AEIT for Electricity and AEIT Ligurian Section