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The degree course in psychological sciences and techniques provides basic training in the theoretical and scientific knowledge of the various psychological disciplines. It aims to develop basic professional skills. It provides adequate preparation for the continuation of studies in master's degrees in the field of psychology.

Learning by doing

The course combines traditional lectures with:

  • participation in working groups in workshops, research and training groups up to field intervention
  • conducting observations with techniques, methodologies and tools relevant to the objective and context
  • getting familiar with psychological tests

Career opportunities

The three-year graduate in psychological sciences and techniques, after registration in section B of the National Board of Psychologists and, if required under supervision, can carry out research, planning and implementation of interventions in school, clinical and community psychology and human resources management activities.

Did you know that.

  • After graduating in Psychological Science and Techniques, most continue their education with a Master's degree in Psychology
  • One year after graduation, around 48% of our graduates are already working on a Master's degree and around 41% are employed
  • With a degree in psychological sciences and techniques and a postgraduate training course you can enter section B of the National Board of Psychologists


Psychology technician

The course is oriented towards the training of technical psychologists, who should be able to participate in empirical and experimental research activities, in the planning of psychological and psychosocial interventions, who are able to implement psycho-educational interventions for the development of individual and social potential, and who are able to use the tools learnt - such as interviews, psychometric instruments, observation, etc. - in the individual, educational and social spheres under the supervision of a member of the National Board of Psychologists, Section A. Students acquire:

  • adequate basic knowledge in all subject areas of psychology
  • expertise in the methodology of psychology and scientific research
  • first-level theoretical and operational preparation
  • ability to analyse and contextualise problems from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • ability to conduct interventions in the field
  • ability to operate professionally in the field of direct services to individuals, groups, organisations and communities

The degree course was designed according to the criteria established by the Europsy (or European Certificate in Psychology) and by the Italian Council of Academic Psychology (former Conference of Deans of the Faculties of Psychology).

Program coordinator

            <div>Laura Migliorini</div>

Welcome to the degree course in Psychological Science and Techniques. Our community - students, lecturers, tutors and all staff - is strongly committed to combining theoretical teaching with research and professional practice. You will be able to face your training years in a friendly atmosphere, aimed at developing solid human relations, and you will be able to share our enthusiasm for the psychology profession.

Course Coordinator

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Department of Education Sciences - DISFOR
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