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Career perspectives

The Bachelor's degree in Communication Science enables specialized professional activities as experts in multiple areas of public and private communication, such as:

  • planning and coordination of internal and external communication activities of public institutions and agencies, public and private companies, non-profit organizations
  • planning and management of events in different sectoral areas - culture, tourism, entertainment -
  • design, management and coordination of websites of public and private institutions and companies, non-profit entities, offices, studios, advertising agencies, marketing consulting, training centers
  • management and coordination of press offices of public bodies, public and private companies, non-profit entities
  • creation of multimedia products and content for public agencies, public and private companies, non-profit entities, publishing companies, cultural, arts and entertainment entities and enterprises

The graduate student in COMMUNICATION SCIENCES.

Who is it?

The communications graduate can design coordinate and manage:

  • internal and external communication activities of public and private entities
  • cultural and other events
  • web sites
  • press offices
  • media content
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What does it do?

The communication science graduate:

  • can use concepts from the social and communication sciences
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  • can manage information flows through different formats and communication channels
  • knows the tools, languages and information technologies for communication.
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Where does he/she work?

The communication science graduate can work at:

  • advertising, marketing, training agencies, in tourism
  • journalistic, radio and television editors, publishing houses and in the fields of culture, art and entertainment
  • press offices, public relations, communications
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