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The Master's Degree Course in Psychology (LM-51) aims to provide advanced knowledge of psychological disciplines. In particular, it aims to impart diagnostic and clinical skills for research, design, implementation and evaluation of field interventions in the following fields 

  • health promotion
  • prevention of distress 
  • support for learning, socialisation and orientation processes in individual, family, organisational and community contexts, in normal and pathological situations. 

Learning by doing

The course actively involves students in project development, in evaluation and intervention planning and in the analysis of individual and group dynamics. Professionalising activities include workshops in small groups on characteristic aspects of the profession under the guidance of lecturers and/or experienced professionals. 

Career opportunities

After completing their internship, passing the state examination and enrolling in Section A of the National Board of Psychologists, master's graduates in psychology may: 

  • practise the profession of psychologist, within the limits of the regulations, in the various fields of psychology: clinical and health, education, work and organisations 
  • access four-year postgraduate training in psychotherapy 
  • access university master's degrees 
  • access PhD programs


The Master's Degree Course in Psychology is aimed at placing graduates in the world of work, also thanks to the consolidated collaboration with the Ligurian Regional Board of Psychologists. It provides an advanced knowledge of the contents and methods of the psychological disciplines, with the aim of training a psychologist able to operate independently and apply theories and techniques of psychology for different purposes. 

The course offers 2 didactic and professional training programs: 

  • Clinical and community psychology 
  • Psychology of typical and atypical development 

In the first year there are: three common courses, two differentiated by curriculum, one elective and one related course, 4 compulsory ECTS of laboratories, common to the two curricula, and 2 ECTS of internships.

In the second year, the teaching load is lower, in order to focus on professionalisation and the realisation of the thesis project. 

Program Coordinator

8753_Laura Migliorini

Welcome to the Master's Degree Course in Psychology. Our community - students, lecturers, tutors and all the staff - is strongly committed to combining theoretical teaching with research and professional practice. You will be able to undertake your specialised training in a friendly atmosphere, aimed at developing solid human relations, and you will be able to share our enthusiasm for the psychology profession. 

Course Coordinator

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Department of Education Sciences - DISFOR
Corso Andrea Podestà 2
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