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Career perspectives

The graduate student in materials science and engineering

Who is he?

  • Scientist and materials engineer
  • Expert in the characterization of chemical, physical, and technological properties of materials
  • Plans complex processes and experiments
  • Responsible role in medium and large-sized companies

What does he/she do?

  • Knows the theoretical-scientific aspects of materials science and engineering useful for understanding the correlation between the properties of materials and their structure on the molecular and micrometer scales
  • possesses knowledge and skills (techniques and instrumentation) useful for the characterization of chemical, physical and technological properties of materials
  • is able to plan and manage processes and experiments of high complexity
  • is equipped with contextual knowledge and soft skills
  • is involved in production, quality control, and research and development

Where does he/she work?

Approximately half of master's graduates work in companies, 20% do research or attend a doctoral program.