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The course in brief


The degree program is divided into three years and two curricula.

At Genoa, the curriculum in Product and Communication Design prepares the professional to operate between the moment of conception and the moment of production, taking into account aesthetic, functional and environmental aspects; it also prepares you to design communication and graphics with analog, digital and multimedia tools for contemporary forms of information dissemination. The curriculum allows you to participate in the selection for the double-degree course with Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

At La Spezia, the curriculum in Design of Boating trains a figure capable of working within the recreational boating industry with particular specificity in the area of boat design, construction and refitting.

Learning by doing

Design has always been the professional activity that combines technical scientific knowledge with practical skills.

The designer is placed among the creative world, among artisans and makers, through project preparation that takes the form of building models, prototypes and mock-ups.

By participating in seminars, workshops and in-company internships you will experience teamwork and the complex relationship between product design and industrialization.

Professional outlets

The main employment outlets are professions in the areas of industrial product, boating, and communication. These can be carried out in public and private institutions, professional firms, design companies, boatyards, artisan workshops, publishing and advertising companies, exhibition organizations, museums and galleries.

What you will learn

How things are made

The materials and techniques of construction, assembly, and mating

The history of things and their Masters

Through design reading experiences and critical analysis of works universally recognized as iconic

Designers' tools

Software for graphics, modeling, rendering, 3D printing, as well as colored pencils and Pantone

The Theories of Design

Spiral design, Design Thinking, User Centred Design and others

The fundamentals of ergonomics

The scientific basis for the usability of objects

How to set up a project

It starts with concept, followed by sketches, then preliminary and executive design

Product designers

They will work on packaging, extended-user products, robot interfaces, mobility design, and... much more

Communication designers

They will work on websites, advertising, social communication, apps and... much more

Nautical designers

They will work on sailboats, powerboats, exterior layouts and interior fittings and... much more

all designers

They will work for sustainable product, life cycle and reuse

Did you know that.

You will be able to participate in events and happenings as a protagonist
The curriculum in Product and Communication Design allows you to participate in the selection for the dual degree pathway with Beijing University of Chemical Technology
You will meet guests from academia and industry
Group work is favored and encouraged
You will practice on projects of industry partners who collaborate with the University
You will gain direct professional experience with internships and apprenticeships


The Craft of the Designer

It is work prepared by a background that mixes technical, humanistic, and artistic skills.

We are a group of innovators who are transforming the world, bringing new ideas and new approaches.

You may not know that our craft includes:

  • interaction designer
  • car designer
  • fashion designer
  • art director
  • game designer
  • social innovation designer
  • exhibit designer
  • light designer
  • interior designer
  • yacht designer

With our bachelor's degree program you will have the foundation to complete master's studies and enter these professions.

Course structure


For each curriculum there are 180 CFUs in 3 years, articulated the monographic courses and thematic and design workshops.

In the educational project, space is found:

  • basic science subjects
  • .
  • characterizing design subjects
  • historical-humanities subjects
  • differentiated subjects for the two curricula


9274_Silvia Pericu
Welcome to the Degree Course in Product and Nautical Design! You can become a protagonist of Industry 4.0, of the new frontiers of communication, of Italian Design. Students, faculty, tutors and all the staff are strongly committed to orient the 'design culture' towards sustainability, reuse and respect for the environment.

Silvia Pericu

Where we are

Genoa Branch - curriculum in Product and Communication Design
Polytechnic School - Department of Architecture and Design (DAD)
Stradone Sant'Agostino 37
16123 Genoa
+39 010 2095660

La Spezia Branch - curriculum in Boating Design
University Campus La Spezia
Viale Nicolò Fieschi 16/18
19123 La Spezia
+39 0187 751265

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