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Career perspectives

The graduate student in Product and Nautical Design.

Who is he/she?

Freehand designer, sketcher, model and prototype designer, decorator, illustrator, creative director, interior and furniture designer, industrial designer, creative graphic designer, advertising illustrator, web designer, industrial designer, technical designer, executive draughtsman, vehicle and boat fitting designer, boat interior designer, fitter, event promoter, graphic designer in charge of design and supervision, layout designer.

What does he/she do?

The skills associated with the professions mentioned above are broad: they range from the representation of reality to design projections through drawing, photography, digital image processing, and real or virtual modeling using manual or digital techniques. The synthesis of artistic and technical skills enables the creation of artifacts, digital products, and services for crafts, industry, and advertising, all aimed at the creation of objects of use, consumer goods, decorative elements, illustrations, and commercial media.

Where does he/she work?

Work as a ?technical' designer in technical, research and development offices of companies or in professional design and consulting firms.