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What you will study

The Bachelor of Science in Pediatric Nursing program lasts three years and is structured in the macro areas:

  • scientific
  • humanities
  • health and legal management
  • communication and relationship
  • research

The student acquires preventive, curative, palliative and rehabilitative nursing skills of a technical, relational and educational nature in the pediatric setting, that is, in the various developmental stages of the child, inseparable from his or her family.

Anatomy and physiology provide an understanding of the human body and its functions, while psychology and neuropsychiatry enable appropriate interaction with the caregiver.

General clinical and pediatric nursing sciences are based on priority health problems. They are implemented in surgical, critical care, medical, chronic care, and disability so as to enable the student to address specific clinical care pathways.

Nursing in research enables the student to learn critical thinking and to apply evidence-based procedures in everyday life, including in the international arena.

Numerous seminar and teaching activities are available for the student to participate in to deepen the holistic view of the person and caring.

Developing internships in university settings and at the Giannina Gaslini Institute guarantees quality and allows students to get to know different highly specialized realities.