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What is

The Practical-Assessment Internship is a period of orientation and training, carried out in a public or private work setting, to facilitate your entry into the world of work.

Practical-assessment internship

In compliance with EU and national regulations, master's degree programs in the class LM-13 have a duration of 5 years and include, also in accordance with Law No. 163 of November 8, 2021, a 6-month practical-assessment traineeship (TPV) at a pharmacy open to the public or in a hospital pharmacy.


The TPV activity must be performed for no more than 36 hours per week, for a total of 900 hours, of which at least 450 hours must be at a pharmacy open to the public and corresponds to 30 CFUs.


The TPV constitutes an integral part of undergraduate training, is conducted through the student's assisted and verified participation in the activities of the host facility, and must include minimum inescapable content of technical-scientific and practical-operational value of the pharmacist's activity, including the following areas: professional ethics; conduct and performance of the pharmaceutical service; administration/dispensing, storage and preparation of medicines; services provided within the SSN; information and health education of the population; entrepreneurial management of the pharmacy and all the services required by current regulations.