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Who should carry out the Verification

How to enter

To take the Verification of Adequacy of Graduate Personal Preparation you must do the pre-registration so as to be on the lists of students who must take the test.

Following this, if the test is successful, you must confirm your matriculation.

For pre-registration and the test you will not have to pay anything. Payment of the registration fee and the regional fee is due upon confirmation of registration.

The registration fee and the regional fee are due upon confirmation of registration.

N.B.: Pre-registration and verification of personal preparation are free of charge. Payment of the registration fee and regional fee is expected upon confirmation of registration.


How it works

If the admission criteria are met, an interview is scheduled, aimed at ascertaining knowledge of the fundamentals of engineering and the subjects characterising the environmental sector.

If you obtained your bachelor's degree abroad, the adequacy of your individual preparation is checked through an assessment of the documentation uploaded on the Dream Apply portal, according to the following criteria:

The "academic record" (grade point average, class position, GPA...)
the quality of the university that awarded the first degree
Possible interview or test.
Good knowledge of English is tested through an online assessment test organised by UniGe.


Where and when

05 September 2023 (graduation 21 July)
26 September 2023 (graduation 15 September)
14 November 2023 (graduation 16 September)
23 January 2024 (graduation 19 December)
20 February 2024 (graduation 15 February)

Location will be communicated by email near the date