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CODE 69404


The final exam involves the composition of a dissertation, which must consist of an in-depth study on a scientific research topic consistent with the candidate’s preparation and the purposes of the Course, and in the subsequent oral discussion of that dissertation.



Aim of the final exam is developing the ability to deal with a philological-linguistic, literary or historical research topic in the field of classical antiquity, using the appropriate bibliographic and documentation tools, applying the correct investigation methodology and refining the skills of argumentation.


During the preparation of the thesis, under the guidance of a supervisor and the a co-supervisor, the candidate will acquire:

  • mastery of critical and methodological tools
  • familiarity with the bibliography relating to the subject matter
  • knowledge and ability to analyze the problems posed by the subject matter
  • argumentative ability
  • expressive ability with appropriate use of the technical lexicon.



The Commissions, constituted by professors, researchers or contract lecturers, are made up of at least 5 members including the President and are appointed by the Director of the Department to whom the degree course belongs. The majority of the members must be full professors and researchers. The President is the guarantor of the proper conduct of the exam, in particular with regard to: the use of assistive tools; the guarantee of adequate time for the presentation and discussion of the report and the collegiality of its evaluation; the appropriateness of the behavior of all those present.

At the beginning of each session, the President will ascertain the presence of the candidates by appeal and establish the order of discussion. Each candidate is guaranteed sufficient time to demonstrate the ability to express his / her work in a concise and effective way and to answer the questions posed by the Commission.

The details of the graduation session calendar (with deadlines), enrollment procedures and graduation procedures are published on the Course website, in the "Undergraduates" section.


The final mark recapitulates the student’s entire career, taking into account the achievement by the student of the educational objectives of the Master’s Degree Course.

The final mark results from the sum of three elements:

  1. curricular media;
  2. evaluation of the student’s career;
  3. positive evaluation in the “Percorso di formazione alla ricerca”
  4. evaluation of the final exam.

In particular:

  1. the curricular average (expressed in 110 and rounded down below 0.500 thousandths and upwards above 0.500 thousandths) is made up of the weighted average on the CFU of the marks obtained by the candidate in his / her study plan and it is sent to the Commission by the secretariat together with the student’s career;
  2. for the evaluation of the student’s career, the Commission can award 1 point if the candidate has participated in an international mobility program for study purposes during which (s)he successfully passed curricular exams for at least 12 CFU for a study period equal to one semester and at least 18 CFU for a study period equal to two consecutive semesters;
  3. for the evaluation of the student’s career, the Commission can award 1 point if the candidate has participated with a positive evaluation in the “Percorso di formazione alla ricerca”
  4. for the final exam, the maximum overall score that can be attributed is 6 points (quality of the dissertation; ability to present and discuss the dissertation and answering the questions formulated by the Commission).

The final mark derives from a single rounding made on the mark resulting from the sum of all previous elements. Rounding takes place:

  • by default, where the decimals are lower than 5;
  • in excess, where the decimals are greater than or equal to 5.

The possible addition of honors to the final grade of 110/110 is granted by the Commission only with reference to the evaluation of the dissertation.
The degree exam is passed if the final mark is not less than 66/110.