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Cosa studierai

Our MSc trains a new generation of senior experts in computer science ready to work in the industry or in research centers.

By blending standard classes with recitations and lab sessions, our program ensures that each student masters the theoretical foundations and acquires hands-on experience in each subject. In most units credit is obtained by working on a final project.

Additional credit is also gained through short-term internship in the industry or in a research lab. The master thesis is worth 25% of the total credit.

Data Science and Engineering

The backbone consists of core units on distributed computing, machine learning, and data visualization. Students may choose among three tracks:

  • Artificial Intelligence, centered on advanced machine learning, vision, speech and natural language processing,
  • Data Analytics, built around structured data analysis: from acquisition through Internet of Things, to large-scale data management, data warehousing, and data visualization
  • Visual Computing, focused on computer graphics & augmented reality, geometric modeling, and computer games

Software Security and Engineering

The backbone consists of core units on distributed systems, data analysis and data mining, virtualization and cloud, mobile development, functional and security testing, internet of things, and distributed ledgers. Students may choose between two tracks:

  • Software Security, focused on data protection and privacy, digital forensics, malware analysis, and secure programming.
  • Software Engineering, centered on software system design, project management, and advanced data management.

Students of both tracks will join forces for a capstone project, experiencing a real-world team development and sharing their expertise.

Presentation videos

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