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Info 2024/2025

Duration 2 years
CFU 120
Class LM/DS
Classe delle lauree magistrali in scienze della difesa e della sicurezza (DEFENSE AND SECURITY)
Access Free access
Locations GENOVA
Language English
Teaching mode Tradizionale
Head of programme AGOSTINO BRUZZONE
Taxes and fees From 0 to 3,000 a year. Find out if you qualify for grants ed exemptions
Student exchange International destinations and partners
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Programme overview


STRATEGOS, the International Master Program in Engineering Technology for Strategy and Security (MSC in Engineering/Laurea Magistrale), prepares young Engineers able to develop Models,  Algorithms & Simulators, analyze Big Data, apply AI (Artificial Intelligence), IA (Intelligent Agents) & Machine Learning techniques to support the Strategic Decision Making Process. STRATEGOS combines advances in Engineering with Modelling Techniques, Social and Economic Strategies for solving real challenges

Learning by doing

STRATEGOS proposes an innovative approach & educational objectives based on Classes, Labs, Computer Simulations, Role Play Games, Virtual and Live Experiences to create skills in using Advanced Techniques on Modeling, Simulation, Data Science, AI/IA to Industry, Business, Defense, Int.Affairs, etc. STRATEGOS deals with Complex Systems and prepares students to master HiTech and enabling ICT Technologies. STRATEGOS starts in September 2019-2020; please contact for more info

Career perspectives

The Strategy Engineering skills are crucial for Top Management, Stategic Planning and Management in major Corporations. The Strategic Engineers work also on the development of Smart Solutions to create new services and products in Complex Systems for Business, Industry, Consulting, International Agencies and Defence. Several major Companies already signed to evalaute STRATEGOS Students in Internships, and also small Hi-Tech Enterprise are engaged with us to offer many job opportunities.

What you will learn

Adanced Models Complex System Analysis

Capability to develop Models for Industry, Business Sector, Defense and Homeland Security

Modeling & Simulation

Foundation of Modelling and Development of Computer Simulations

Data Mining and Big Data

Data Science Methods to deal with Big Data from different Sources

Decision Support Systems

Methodologies & Techniques for Decision Making based on Quantitative Approaches

Game Theory

Strategic Interaction Mathematical Models devoted to identify Winning Strategies

AI & IA, Machine Learning

Techniques to develop Solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents

Human Behavior Modeling

Computer Modeling related to Human Behavior and Human Factors

Economy for Company Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning and Management in Corporation and related Economic

International Affairs & Geopolitical Models

Evaluation of Risks related to Geopolitical Situations, International Affairs and Conflicts

Serious Games

Computer Games devoted to educate, train based on immersive and engaging virtual environments

Data Farming, DOE, Statistics & Data Fusion

Methodologies to generate and combine experimental results by using advanced methods

Enabling ICT Networks and Technologies

Architectures, Networks and Technologies enabling new possibilities in decision making

Did you know that...

STRATEGOS Trans-Disciplinary Approach combines Engineering, Economics and International Affairs based on Bleeding Edge Technologies providing an highly qualified Profile
STRATEGOS is a quantitative Engineering Master able to develops also soft skills such as Project Management and Team Working by specific Seminars and Skills
Last 6 months of the Master Program are devoted to complete the Internship into a major Company or International Lab working on development of new solutions for real problems
Major Companies such as Accenture, Ansaldo, Leonardo and Paul Wurth already confirmed their engagement in STRATEGOS initiative
Hi Tech Small and Medium Size Enterprises need Strategic Engineers to develop the applications of the Future.
Defense and Homeland Security Sector as Smart Cities and Governmental Sectors are very interested to Strategic Engineers


STRATEGOS, the International Master Program in Engineering Technology for Strategy and Security (MSC in Engineering/Laurea Magistrale), is the new initiative on Strategic Engineering of Genoa University, established 1471 AD and ranked 1st in Italy within Engineering Area by major ranking system. STRATEGOS promotes quantitative modeling to support decisions by developing a new generation of Engineers able to deal with Strategic Thinking and to support Decision Makers by mastering advance modeling, simulation as well as other enabling technological and scientific areas.

The operational lifecycle of innovative systems are usually quite long and rich of uncertainties and strongly affected by many variables as well as by future scenarios, so a proper approach in modeling and analyzing quantitatively these elements is fundamental for the final success.

Understanding these issues is really fundamental and it is necessary to prepare engineers and scientists able to create models for supporting Decision Makers. Despite this importance, up to now, these strategic aspects are frequently roughly addressed by traditional approaches and educational practices: often just qualitative approaches or simplified static analysis methodologies are proposed.

STRATEGOS relies on foundations on ICT and M&S education, Strategic Modeling, Decision Support, Scenario Analysis and Economy, providing the deep scientific and business knowledge as well as the technical engineering skills needed in this sector.

Head of programme

10728_Agostino Bruzzone
Welcome to STRATEGOS, the 1st MSc in Eng.Technology for Strategy & Security. This International Program promotes Strategic Engineering as discipline for Decision Making based on Modeling, Simulation, Data Analytics, AI/IA and Bleeding Edge Technologies. Talented Students are invited to apply to acquire skills and develop a trans-disciplinary view able to solve real problems within Leading Companies during Internships & Stages.

Agostino Bruzzone

Where to find us

The Program is hosted in the Labs and Buildings of the Polytechnic School. 
Administrative units are located in Via all'Opera Pia 11A, Genova, Italy

Other STRATEGOS Sites and Labs are located in different sites including among others:

  • STRATEGOS Secretary and DITEN Headquarters, Via all'Opera Pia 11 (ex-CNR), Genova, Italy
  • DITEN, Via all'Opera Pia 13, Genova, Italy
  • DITEN, Via all'Opera Pia 13, Genova, Italy
  • DIME, Via all'Opera Pia 15, Genova, Italy
  • DITEN, Via Rodi 1,  Genova, Italy
  • DITEN, Via all'Opera Pia 13, , Genova, Italy
  • Polytechnic School Headquarters, Via Montallegro 1, 16145, Genova, Italy
  • Simulation Team, Savona Campus, via Magliotto 2, 17100, Savona, Italy

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MSc Chair
Prof. Agostino Bruzzone
Tel. (+39) 010 353 - 2275

Didactic support contact
Paola Bergantin