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Scholarships and exemptions

ALISEO scholarships

The scholarships provided by ALISEO Liguria Region offer you concrete opportunities to make the most of your college experience through competitive benefits and services.

The benefits you can take advantage of are:

  • scholarship
  • exemption from regional taxes and tuition fees
  • housing service
  • interventions for disabled students

Theservices you can access are:

  • food service
  • study rooms and computer classrooms
  • cultural and sports activities
  • information and orientation

The scholarship consists of a part in money and a part in services such as catering and accommodation and is awarded through an open competition to UniGe and AFAM (Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale) students in Liguria.

To qualify for the scholarship, and thus for full exemption from payment of tuition fees and the regional right-to-study fee and subsidized rates for services, you must meet the economic (income through ISEE-U and assets) and merit requirements.

The amount of the scholarship is commensurate with your economic status, place of residence, and whether you are an in-campus, commuter, or off-campus student.

Here are the services specifically:

  • Housing Service: If you are an off-campus student enrolled full-time in UniGe or if you have won a scholarship, you can be housed in one of the university residences or affiliated residences. You will need to meet financial (income through ISEE-U and assets) and merit requirements to be eligible. You will have to select in the online compilation the specific request for housing service
  • Food service: in total there are 18 food service locations; of these 9 are in Genoa, 1 in Chiavari, 2 in Savona, 1 in Pietra Ligure , 1 in Imperia and 4 in La Spezia. Service is provided in traditional type facilities with self-service or pizzeria lines; some locations also function as sandwich shops

    To access the service you will need to present the card issued by UniGe at the service counter. In order to access the service at subsidized rates, you must meet the requirements set forth in the Catering Regulations and you must apply online. Information and clarifications can be requested from the Catering Service, tel. 010/2491225 - 010/2491278

  • Services for students with disabilities: The residences have dedicated accommodations for students with disabilities. The student, if awarded the scholarship, will be entitled to a supplement of 1,500.00euro. They will also be able to decide to replace the accommodation at the ALISEO residences with a "rent" subsidy if deemed more suitable to their needs
  • Studying Abroad: If you are a student participating in international mobility programs you will be able to get a supplement on the amount of the grant as well as a lump-sum reimbursement of travel expenses
  • Cultural Recreational and Sports Activities: interventions for cultural, recreational and sports activities aim to help improve the general living and study conditions of students. ALISEO organizes sports tournaments and in-depth meetings on current issues

For more information visit ALISEO.

Grants for housing in university colleges

Do you want to study at UniGe but don't live in the city? Scholarships and housing facilities are available at the two legally recognized university colleges in Genoa.

For more information, go to the Rui Foundation website