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Committees and delegates

Course Council Coordinator

It deals with:

  • coordinating committees and those responsible for CdS activities
  • .
  • convene the CCS and bring in the SUA-CdS, SMA and RCRs for approval
  • convene the consulta and take care of relations with internal members
  • analyze the teaching evaluation questionnaires, Almalaurea and other information sources, in collaboration with the CdS QA Committee
  • verify that teaching records are complete and that the information is correct
  • verify teaching content
  • revise the course curriculum
  • identify and organize orientation activities and activities to promote the CdS, in cooperation with the Department's Orientation Committee
  • organize initial knowledge verification activities and remedial activities for OFAs
  • propose initiatives to the CCS to improve the quality of educational offerings, relations with students, members of the Council and the outside world
  • verify the management of class schedules so as to avoid overlapping
  • verify the development of the actions taken and the degree of achievement of objectives, in collaboration with the QA Committee.

The Coordinator elected for the three-year period from 1.11.2022 to 31.10.2025 is Prof. Francesco Pesce.

Course of Study QA Committee

The Course of Study (CdS) is equipped with a Quality Assurance (QA) system to keep management processes under control.

The QA Committee is responsible for:

  • compiling and updating the Single Annual Form (SUA-CdS) and the Annual Monitoring Form (SMA)
  • edit the Cyclical Review Report (RCR) and monitor the progress of proposed improvement activities
  • analyze teaching evaluation questionnaires, Almalaurea questionnaires, School Joint Committee reports
  • monitor reports and requests from students, faculty and technical administrative staff
  • identify training demand and training objectives
  • develop the training pathway

The members of the QA Committee of the course of study are:

Teaching Commission

He is in charge of:

  • of the transition of students from different courses of study to the degree program:
    • recognition of exams and CFUs
    • related practices
    • presentation of files to the Departmental Council and approval

The members of the Course of Study Teaching Committee are:

Steering Committee

It deals with:

  • expressing needs from society and the world of work and culture
  • providing an opinion between the consistency of the course of study and specific training activities with the demand for training

The members of the Course Steering Committee, appointed by resolution of the CCS on April 19, 2023, are:

Paolo Faconti (Director Confindustria La Spezia)
Marco Casarino (Secretary General Chamber of Commerce Riviere di Liguria)
Luca Perfetti (Port System Authority Eastern Ligurian Sea)
Genziana Giacomelli (Tarros - former Councilor - Member of the Promostudi Steering Council)
Renato Goretta (Gesta Consulting)
Nicola Carozza (Confartigianato La Spezia)
Stefano Parmigiani (Promostudi Steering Council Member)
Alfredo Scalisi (A.D. La Spezia Container Terminal - Component Council of Steering Promostudi)
Federica Maggiani (Motorvela Srl)
Patrizia Saccone (City Councillor La La Spezia)

International Relations Commission

It deals with:

  • promote and coordinate outgoing and incoming student mobility through the Erasmus + program or other international programs
  • promote the internationalization of the LSC through outward promotional activities and faculty mobility
  • organize and conduct interviews for the allocation of Erasmus grants or other international programs
  • evaluate and approve the learning agreements of outgoing Erasmus students or other international programs
  • process, in collaboration with the Erasmus Desk, the paperwork for the recognition of studies carried out at a foreign university
  • submit to the CCS the paperwork for approval

The Commission is a body of the Department of Law: therefore, please refer to the appropriate page of the Department website.

Contact persons for the CoS in the School Joint Committee.

The School Joint Committee (SPC) is composed of one faculty member and one student for each graduate course council assigned to departments pertaining to the school or sections in the case of inter-school departments. The rules of operation and the method of appointment are established by the General Regulations of the University.
The SPC, as a body for monitoring the organization and conduct of teaching, tutoring and any other services provided to students:

  1. makes proposals to the relevant structures aimed at improving the conduct of teaching;
  2. revises and transmits to the academic senate an annual report on the effectiveness of teaching, tutoring and any other service provided to students, also making use of objective evaluation tools; the report is also transmitted to the dean and the relevant teaching structures;
  3. formulates opinions on the activation, deactivation and suppression of courses of study;
  4. reports to the dean, the coordinator of the course council and the director of the department to which the course of study is assigned, any anomalies found in the conduct of teaching activities;
  5. exercises any other attributions conferred on it by current regulations.

The members of the SPC for the Course are:

Website manager

It deals with:

  • updating and verifying the information on the course of study website
  • checking that transparency requirements are met

The person in charge is Coordinator Prof. Francesco Pesce.

Coordination of class schedule and examinations

The management of class schedules and exams is in charge of:

Orientation and Mentoring Committee

It deals with:

  • coordinating the activities under the Matriculation Project
  • .
  • coordinate the activities of educational tutors
  • .
  • coordinate the activities of peer tutors
  • organize orientation activities with schools and PCTOs
  • organize activities to promote the CoS externally
  • organize freshman tutor orientation activities