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Info 2024/2025

Duration 3 years
CFU 180
Class L-16
Access Free access
Locations GENOVA
Language Italian
Teaching mode Frontale
Head of programme ARISTIDE CANEPA
Taxes and fees From 0 to 3,000 a year. Find out if you qualify for grants ed exemptions
Student exchange International destinations and partners
Contacts Read more here
Information about this Course for previous years is available here SCIENZE POLITICHE E DELL'AMMINISTRAZIONE 8776

The course in brief


The Bachelor of Science in Administration and Politics provides methodological, cultural and professional knowledge with an interdisciplinary character on contemporary societies, with specific focus on the problems of administration and social organizations. The objective is the acquisition of management, organizational, planning, reporting and communication skills in public and private spheres, particularly in the administration and management of complex organizations (parties, unions, NGOs, etc.).

Learning by doing

Lectures involve both face-to-face teaching and various forms of innovative and participatory teaching. TEAMS and AulaWeb platforms are used for online teaching. In forms compatible with COVID emergency, the following are also provided:

  • mobility of students under international programs
  • .
  • traineeships
  • credit seminars
  • supplementary courses taught by visiting scholars

Professional outlets

Operators in public administration, local development and European projects; employees in press offices, OPR, communication and strategic planning agencies; employees in human resources planning and organization; researchers in social and public opinion research institutes; corporate trainers; experts in labor relations; workers in parties, unions, NGOs.

The graduate may also continue his or her studies by enrolling in a master's degree program in continuity, such as Public Administration and Policy.

What you will learn

L'economia politica

I concetti base del funzionamento del sistema economico

Il diritto pubblico e costituzionale

Le regole delle istituzioni statali, in Italia e in altri Paesi

Le materie statistiche e metodologiche

Modelli quantitativi e qualitativi per la rilevazione dei fenomeni sociali

La sociologia

La società nelle sue diverse dimensioni e le sue trasformazioni

La storia del pensiero politico ed economico

Il pensiero dei principali autori sulla politica e sull'economia

Le lingue straniere

Lingua e attualità, a scelta tra inglese, spagnolo, francese e tedesco

La storia moderna e contemporanea

Approfondire la storia per capire l'oggi con adeguati strumenti critici

La politica economica e finanziaria

Strumenti e fini dell'intervento dei poteri pubblici nella vita economica

La scienza della politica e dell'amministrazione

Come funzionano la vita politica e quella delle organizzazioni complesse

Il diritto internazionale e dell'Unione Europea

Le regole europee e internazionali che disciplinano la nostra vita

Il diritto amministrativo nei suoi diversi aspetti

Regole e azione della P. Amministrazione e dei suoi rapporti coi cittadini

? e non è tutto ?

E ancora geografia, demografia, diritto privato e del lavoro e tanto altro?

Did you know that.

Dall'anno scorso, il corso è completamente nuovo, per offrire una formazione in linea coi cambiamenti della società
Il corso è organizzato in due curricula: Scienze della Politica e Scienze dell'Amministrazione
Nel polo didattico dell'Albergo dei Poveri trovi tutto: aule, uffici dei docenti e una magnifica biblioteca
Il corso è gestito dal Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche, che fa parte della Scuola di Scienze Sociali


The degree program provides students with basic knowledge and skills, interdisciplinary in nature, in the various disciplines related to administration and politics (particularly law, political science, economics, sociology, history), as well as the study of one or two foreign languages.
The course is divided into two curricula:

  • "Political Science," a more cultural-theoretical pathway aimed at the knowledge, intervention and management of social and political processes related to society and its government
  • .
    • "Political Science," a more cultural-theoretical path aimed at the knowledge, intervention and management of social and political processes related to the problems of society and its government
    • "Science of Administration," a more applied-professional pathway, aimed at the knowledge, intervention and management of administrative-managerial processes within complex organizations

    The educational activities include a common part of the two curricula, with the basic disciplines required in both paths, concentrated mainly in the first two years. From the second year and especially with the third, the pathways differentiate between the two curricula, with the more specific disciplines of the respective fields. Both curricula allow both direct access to the world of work and a continuation of studies in the master's degree.

    The traditional teaching activities are complemented by additional forms of learning, which allow the student to develop a fruitful interaction with the outside world. For example:

    • conferences, seminars and meetings with teachers and experts, including external ones, on topical issues
    • cultural exchanges of faculty and students within the framework of international and European programs, such as LLP Erasmus, CINDA and others
    • traineeships in public administrations and companies, including abroad


11161_Aristide Canepa
Dear* student*,
welcome to the challenge of our studies.
An incompetent doctor makes patients die. An incompetent architect causes houses to collapse. But incompetent administrators and politicians can bring down a country: the victims are indirect and less visible, but far more numerous. That is why we will work hard: we need trained and competent administrators and politicians who, each in their own field, do well what they must, not only for themselves, but for everyone.
We will do our best to help you understand society, administration and politics. It's up to you to make them work tomorrow.
Good luck.

Aristide Canepa

Where we are

Polo didattico Albergo dei Poveri (classrooms, library, laboratories)
Piazzale Emanuele Brignole 2nd gate - west tower
16125 Genova
+39 010 20951296

Department of Political Science - DISPO (faculty offices)
Piazzale Emanuele Brignole 3rd gate - west tower
16125 Genova
+39 010 209 51131

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Social Sciences Single Student Desk
Via Francesco Vivaldi 5 - Genoa
tel. 010 20951890

Internships Office (Social Sciences)
tel. 010 20955527

Departmental Representatives for Students
Orientation, School-Work Alternation, Placement
prof. Daniela Tarantino (Orientation and School-Work Alternation) -
prof. Francesco Pierini (Placement) -

Administrative support
dott.ssa Luciana Grieco
tel. 010 20951112 - 010 2099862

Students with disabilities and students with DSA
prof. Aristide Canepa
tel. 010 20951122

Erasmus Office (AIFE)
dott.ssa Claudia Soresini
Piazzale Emanuele Brignole 3a, third floor central tower
tel. 010 20951883

Placement and Job Guidance (University service)
Piazza della Nunziata, 6 (3rd floor) - 16124 Genoa -

Placement and Employment Guidance Services Sector
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Internships Department
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