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Info 2023/2024

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Master degree course
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From 0 to 3000 euros per year. Find out if you are entitled to scholarships and exemptions
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Information about this Course for previous years is available here: DESIGN DEL PRODOTTO E DELL'EVENTO 9007

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The course in brief


Event is one of the most in-use words in current affairs: it indicates actions, periods, performances, cultural events. The event is a popularizing process and a link between the product understood as a commodity and the product understood as a cultural good; it is an activity serving a supply chain or a territory.

The Master's degree program in Product and Event Design trains product designers, communication designers, brand designers, and event designers and evolves the figure of the designer to a global consultant, capable of coordinating the entire process from conception to distribution and image dissemination.

Learning by doing

Training is integrated with production realities through seminar activities, company visits and internships, and workshops on current industry issues.

Professional outlets

Public and private product and service companies, design firms and companies, freelancers.

Public institutions, communication agencies, cultural and museum institutions.

What you will learn

  • problem solving

    through shaping, building visions and scenarios

  • get your hands dirty

    realizing products and installations at events and demonstrations

  • the value of beauty

    through aesthetics, social history of art, contemporary design theories

  • teamwork

    relate with other professions and other disciplines

  • read the project

    learn to recognize how things are made and why, know how to choose

  • the prosev method

    The product-service-event relationship with experiences in workshops

  • manage a design process

    working for real clients as engines of contamination between languages and techniques

  • brand design

    the identity of a product or territory defines its credibility and reputation

  • to communicate is to tell a story

    Instruments and techniques of communication, digital and multimedia design

Did you know that.

  • The link between product, service and event is studied.
  • Creativity and rationality are the two poles around which the design process revolves.
  • The course environment is international, students come from different countries.
  • You study and work in groups, learning to share and relate with others.
  • You will deal with real principals, have the opportunity to meet guests from businesses and institutions.
  • Doing is the way we propose to learn, to know, to think.


Event is a popularizing process, it is link between the product understood as a commodity and the product understood as a cultural good, it is an activity serving a supply chain or a territory.

Product or event design requires a variety of knowledge: design history, representation techniques and communication tools, evolution of materials, transformation technologies, semantics, sociology, social and ethical implications of design.

Where we are

Department of Architecture and Design DAD
Stradone di Sant'Agostino 37
16123 Genoa

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