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Admission criteria and procedure


This is an open access degree program. In order to enroll, you must have a high school diploma (or other foreign degree recognized as equivalent). If you have obtained a high school diploma with a score of less than 90/100, if you cannot claim in compensation the acquisition of university credits to an extent deemed appropriate by the Course Council, you will take a test to ascertain individual skills (TE.L.E.MA.CO: TEst of Logic And MAthematics and Verbal Comprehension) according to the procedures defined at the University level.



This is a degree program with limited number of students. In order to enroll, you must have a high school diploma and you must take a entrance test.



If you want to enroll in the Course you must have:

  • a strong motivation for the study of pharmaceutical sciences and related disciplines
  • good attitudes toward chemical and biological disciplines understood in the broadest sense
  • specific scientific knowledge for attending the first year of the course

Join UniGe

To register for this course of study, you need to go through the procedure online which includes (check out the TUTORIAL):

  1. The registration to this Portal (if you have never been registered at the University of Genoa)
  2. The pre-registration: in the screen that will appear you will have to enter the credentials received with the registration (previous point)
  3. Registration confirmation
  4. .

To know the deadlines by which you can enroll in UniGe consult the page Dates

Sostieni la verifica di inglese

Questo Corso rappresenta un'eccezione del Progetto Inglese.

Puoi sostenere il test B1 ma l’esito non avrà alcuna validità nel piano di studi.