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Tuition Fees and Taxes

How they work

Student fees or contributions are the sum of the stamp tax, the regional tax and the university fee.


Bollo + regional tax, payable upon confirmation of registration: Euro 136 of which

  • stamp tax = Euro 16
  • regional tax = Euro 120 (minimum amount due, to be settled by the next instalment date based on the value ISEE-U)

N.B. If you have applied for a study grant to ALISEO Liguria you pay only 16 Euros stamp duty: access the service  Study grant of the Regional Agency for the Right to University Studies and enter the "protocol number" identifying your application, which can be found on the receipt.
In the event of renouncement of the grant or revocation by ALISEO you will have to supplement your contribution.

The 2nd and the 3rd instalment are of equal amount and correspond to the amount of the university fee graduated according to the ISEE-U, if acquired by the university.

  • Second instalment is made up of a share equal to half of the University Contribution
  • Third instalment consists of the balance of the University Fee

- To find out how the university fee is calculated, please consult the dedicated section on the Fees and Benefits page

- To calculate the amount of the tuition fee use the Simulator

How to pay

You can pay your taxes using the pagoPA Service or by using the services offered by Banca Popolare di Sondrio, UniGe's cashier bank.

For the first year you can pay your fees:

  • at the end of online pre-enrolment after confirming your application
  • using the online service UniGePay 2.0

For years after the first you can pay them directly via UniGePay 2.0.

N.B.  For access you must have the UniGePass credentials

Payment Methods

The system makes use of many payment channels (e.g. bank counters, affiliated businesses such as bars and tobacconists, Internet sites, etc.). With pagoPA, you have two payment methods at your disposal:

  1. Payment real-time (Model 1)
    Access the service UniGePay 2.0 tax payment, select the payment to be made and press  "Proceed with pagoPA payment Model 1". You will be redirected to a portal where you can choose the payment channel. By way of example, you can debit the amount to be paid from your bank account (if your bank is listed), pay via PayPal. Iconto, Satispay, and major credit cards such as Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International, and Maestro.
  2. The payment channel is also available.
  3. Payment deferred (Model 3)
    Log in to the service UniGePay 2.0 tax payment, select the payment you wish to make and press  "Proceed with payment pagoPA Model 3". A bulletin will be generated that you can print out and pay later at (as an example):

    Important: The pagoPA paper payment slip printed through UniGe can only be used at Poste Italiane with PostePay.

    • credit institution branches, in cash or by direct debit if paying at your bank
    • at ATMs of some banks (at the moment the service is not widespread)
    • at SISAL, Lottomatica and Banca 5 points of sale (ticket offices and tobacconists).


  • Service charges are variable depending on the channel. Always check the fees charged.
  • Payments made through pagoPA (both for mode 1 and 3) are immediately cashed by the University of Genoa and are irrevocable.
  • Consult the list of channels and operators providing payment services (PSP).

For more details see also "What is and how does the PagoPa service work" on the website of the Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale

S SCRIGNO Pago Facile website, where you can pay your pagoPA notices with credit/debit cards on Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club International, PayPal, MyBank.
You can access the service in two distinct ways: 1) registered user to take advantage of important services free of charge (pre-filled fields, payment schedule and payment list), 2) anonymous user for simple payment execution. The cost of the service is indicated during payment and may vary according to the mode chosen.

Carta +Ma e Ateneo+ della Banca Popolare di Sondrio
Holders of prepaid cards with IBAN called Carta +Ma and Ateneo+ can pay pagoPA notices without any fees, through the home banking portal SCRIGNO Internet Banking. You can activate Carta +MA at all branches of Banca Popolare di Sondrio throughout the country, presenting a valid identity document (ID card, driving licence or passport) and Fiscal Code Card or Health Insurance Card (CNS).

More information:

Exemptions and reductions

The following are planned:

  • partial or total exemptions from paying university fees
  • reductions for merit
  • .

To find out about all cases of exemption and for more information, visit the Exemptions


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