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The graduate student in social work and social policy

Who is he/she?

He/she is a professional figure capable of working with a high degree of competence and decision-making autonomy. In particular, he or she is able to work in the management of facilities, services, departments, and areas of high complexity.

What does he or she do?

He or she can perform managerial functions in the conception, planning, and management of projects in the social sector. Among the various professional outlets we mention:

  • manager of policies and planning of social and social-health services
  • specialist of management and control in public administration
  • specialist social worker (section A of the Register)
  • specialist in work organization
  • .

He also possesses the skills to interact with immigrant populations from the perspective of intercultural and multiethnic social relations.

Where does he/she work?

He/she can work in various areas, such as:

  • social and health integration
  • personal and family services
  • migration and intercultural relations
  • exclusion and social marginality
  • weak subjects
  • welfare policies
  • .

He therefore has access to competitions for which a directive qualification in planning, management and management of social policies is required at the Ministries of Justice, Labor, Family and Health, at Local Authorities, Local Health Authorities, Ministerial Directorates or Departments, private facilities and those working in the Third Sector. In addition, the degree in Social Service and Social Policy allows access to the State Examination for the practice of the profession of Social Worker, Section A of the Register.