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Info 2023/2024

Degree type
Bachelor degree course
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The course in brief


The course trains engineers with a solid basic preparation, able to deal systematically with aspects of civil and environmental engineering appropriate for an entry-level preparation. The graduate can profitably enter the world of work or continue studies in master's degree programs. The degree makes it possible to work in the fields of engineering design, construction site organization and management, construction companies, and public and private administrations.

Learning by doing

Instrumental, laboratory, and computer exercises in drafting graphic and technical reports: surveying structures, territory, implementing numerical techniques for problem solving. Design-type thesis.

Professional outlets

  • Professional firms and engineering companies
  • Civil, infrastructure and plant construction companies
  • technical structures of public and private territorial bodies
  • land protection management and control agencies
  • .

What you will learn

  • civil engineering

    Civil, hydraulic and maritime construction, infrastructure

  • environmental and land use engineering

    works and interventions for the preservation and defense of the territory

  • materials of civil and environmental engineering

    Mechanical response, experimentation, applications

  • basic disciplines

    mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science

  • learning capacity

    To keep abreast of evolving technologies

  • communication skills

    To work effectively in groups and interact with others

Did you know that.

  • With this degree, you can work and register as an engineer, after passing the State Examination
  • The Civil and Environmental Engineering degree allows you debt-free enrollment in several master's degrees
  • Overall student and graduate satisfaction is always above 90% (AlmaLaurea Consortium data)


The Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering offers a course geared toward the training of engineers with solid basic training, capable of dealing systematically with aspects of the civil and environmental engineering fields.


The course aims to prepare students:

  • to the design, construction, and maintenance of civil works, infrastructure, and plants
  • to the design, planning, and management of works and systems for the control and monitoring of the environment and the land.
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The training is aimed at creating professional figures who possess a basic technical culture, enabling them to easily enter and orient themselves in the world of work and build possible development opportunities. The course ensures adequate mastery of scientific methods and content, ideal for the continuation of studies in master's degree programs.


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The entire staff of the Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering welcomes you. The experience gained in recent years teaches us that only with the daily commitment of everyone--faculty, students, technicians, tutors--can something important be done for the education of new engineers. Let us begin this new experience with enthusiasm!

Course Coordinator

Where we are

Education Support Office
Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering DICCA
Villa Cambiaso, Via Montallegro 1
16145 Genoa

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Student Desk
Via Montallegro 1
inside Villa Cambiaso Park - in front of Aula A7
16145 Genova
+39 010 335 2148

Opening hours to the public
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Reference for Education
Simona Grillo