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Admission test

How it works

The entrance test will be held in-person (if the health situation permits) Friday, September 7, 2022.

Any changes regarding the way the test will be held will be announced in a timely manner in the News and Events section of the Course website.

The test is divided into:

  1. Test A
    . 80 choice questions from Language Logic, Italian Language and General Culture. Lasts 60 minutes and is for all candidates
  2. Test B
    60 multiple-choice questions on English Language (grammar, vocabulary and comprehension. It lasts 30 minutes and is for candidates who have requested English as one of their two languages of specialization. To request English as your language of specialization, you must indicate it as your first or second language on the application form."

The following criteria are followed for evaluation of the test:

  • 1 point for each correct answer
  • minus 0.25 points for each wrong answer
  • 0 points for each answer not given

To prepare for the test


To prepare for the entrance test, read the admission notice.

Find here a sample test taken from last year's test.

After the test

View the ranking list

View the rankings by visiting the dedicated page on UniGe's Online Services.

On the basis of your score on the A test, two separate merit rankings will be compiled:

  1. ForEU and non-EU students legally residing in Italy
  2. For non-EU students residing abroad in which the reservation of places for Chinese nationals will be taken into account.

If you are within the ranking list, you will be awarded two specialization languages (English, French, Russian, Spanish and German).
The specialization languages will be allocated by the Commission taking into account:

  • the order of preferences expressed by the individual candidate
  • the overall score you got in the A test
  • the result of the English test, if you took the B test

Apply for repechage

To be eligible for repechage, submit the application on servicelines.

View scrolling alerts

Check notices about repechages or venue changes.