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Reports and complaints

Your opinion is very important to us because it enables us to improve the quality of training activities, teaching structure and services.

If you would like to report:

  • observations on teaching and student services
  • problems to be reported to the governing bodies of your course

you can do so by following the complaints reporting procedure.

How to submit the report

Reports should be submitted, via email, to the responsible persons listed below,clearly stating the subject of the report. We will respond to you within 20 working days.

Subject of the report

Responsible for handling the report


1. Information

1.1. Clarity of procedures and responsibilities of administrative practices;
1.2. Clarity and completeness of signage in facilities;
1.3. Adequacy and completeness of information on the website;
1.4. Readability and understandability of forms;
1.5. Availability of the staff in charge;
1.6. Fairness and uniformity of user processing;
1.7. Initial checks and possible management of OFAs;
1.8. Other reports related to administrative aspects

Student Desk

2.a.Support for teaching activities

2.a.1. Size and numerosity of classrooms, laboratories, study rooms;
2. a.2. Organization of lectures, timetable and schedule of profit and thesis examinations;
2. a.3. Online procedures (exam booking, CFU recognition, waivers);
2. a.4. Other reports related to the management of teaching offerings


2.b.Logistics related to teaching activities
2.b.1. Equipment and maintenance of classrooms and laboratories;
2.b.2. Hours of access to libraries and any other common areas;
2.b.3. Accessibility of classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and study rooms
2.b.4. Other reports related to the logistics of educational offerings

Secretariat of the School of Humanities

2.b.Logistics related to educational activities
2.b.5.. Classroom management;

Lecture Hall Information

3. Background Services

3.1. Inbound orientation services;
3.2. Tutoring and guidance services during studies;
3.3. Internships and accompaniment to the world of work;
3.4. International Relations Services
3.5 Other reports related to context services to teaching

Student Desk

4. Teaching Activities

4.1. Availability of teachers;
4.2. Teaching programs;
4.3. Delivery of instructional activities;
4.4. Modes of assessment;
4.5 Other reports related to teaching activities

Department Headquarters