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Projects proposals

Here are some of the proposed topics:

  • Electricity in the atmosphere
  • The measurement of the electric field
  • The acceleration sensors
  • Cherenkov effect
  • Principles and instrumentation in time-of-flight mass spectrometry
  • Design and fabrication of a magnetic sample magnetometer
  • The discovery of the electron
  • The discovery of neutron-induced radioactivity
  • The dielectric function of dense dielectric materials
  • Semi-classical models for the dielectric function
  • Polarizing optical elements
  • Brownian motion and osmotic pressure
  • Distribution of charges in a fluid (Poisson-Boltzmann equation)
  • Analysis of noise (electrical, thermal), measurement of the elastic constant of a micro-spring
  • The localized surface plasmon in metal nanoparticles treated in quasistatic approximation
  • The equilibrium form of crystals and Wulff's theorem
  • Synchrotron radiation and biocrystallography
  • Methods for solving the phase problem in crystallography
  • Dynamics of planetary motions and exoplanets
  • Mechanisms of heat transport in stars: radiation and convection
  • Statistical laws of radioactive decay and dating methods
  • Thermonuclear fusion reactions in stars
  • Quantum mechanics and path integrals
  • EPR paradox, quantum entanglement and Bell's theorem
  • Hydrogen ion molecule and LCAO technique
  • Coherent states in quantum mechanics