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Master degree course
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The course in brief


The course is organized into two interconnected curricula: Cultural Journalism and Publishing and Political Journalism and Public Opinion.
The training project includes theoretical, methodological, linguistic knowledge and practical experience in journalism, communication, publishing, and the web.
Thanks to specialized workshops and laboratories, professionals from different fields meet.
All students do internships at local, national, and international organizations and companies.

Learning by doing

The course organizes seminar and workshop activities to

  • edit texts for journalism: articles, interviews, reviews, criticism
  • writing for traditional media and the Web
  • design products for print and digital publishing
  • design audiovisual products
  • design and manage products for political and institutional communication
  • design and manage products for corporate communication
  • configure and manage social media

Professional outlets

Journalistic editors (newspapers, TV, radio, web), communication and business agencies, press and communication offices, traditional and digital publishing, communication facilities for national and international organizations, copywriters in advertising agencies, social media managers, Search Engine Optimization.

What you will learn

  • languages for journalism

    writing techniques for print and web publishing

  • cinema, media and international relations

    Understanding the world through film and new media

  • multimedia

    Integrate the different channels of information

  • communication law

    Know rights, freedoms and limits in information

  • public opinion and institutional communication

    Design the intermediation between political institutions and citizens

  • history of journalism and publishing

    From Gutenberg to new media between freedom and censorship

Did you know that.

  • In journalism practice workshops meet professionals and experts
  • You can complete your study abroad for a semester of classes or an internship
  • You learn to work in a team as in a newsroom
  • The course of study has completed ten years: graduates number more than 300


The master's degree course in Information and Publishing enables students to acquire a multidisciplinary education and a critical approach based on a solid cultural and methodological foundation.

It is a two-year course that consists of two curricula: Cultural Journalism and Publishing and Political Journalism and Public Opinion.

A group of disciplines is common: theories and techniques of language, ethics and pragmatics of communication, communications law, history of journalism, English language.

Other subjects are specific to each curriculum. In Cultural Journalism and Publishing the areas of linguistics, literary and visual arts criticism, and the history of books and publishing are explored. In Political Journalism and Public Opinion the socio-politological, economic, and internationalist areas are explored.

The different languages of journalism and communication and the use of new multimedia-oriented information technologies are taught by professionals and experts who lead the journalism and publishing practice seminars organized throughout the year.

All students complete a 250-hour internship under the guidance of professional journalists or managers and editors of publishing companies.


8769_Marco Aime
Welcome and welcome to the Master's Degree Program in Information and Publishing. If you want to develop critical skills for political and social journalism, if you are interested in news reporting and the most effective ways of reporting it, if arts journalism criticism or sports journalism is your passion, if you think new media can be news media, you are in the right place.

Course Coordinator

Where we are

Lectures are held in the educational hub of the Poor Man's Inn and classrooms in the buildings at Via Balbi 2,4 and 6.

The Student Desk is at the Social Sciences Single Desk

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