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The course in brief


Physics aspires to understand the structure and laws of nature and is the basis of technological innovation in many fields.

The course is divided into six curricula:

  • applied physics (involves internships in companies and includes, among others, environmental physics, medical physics, biophysics)
  • astrophysics and cosmology
  • physics of fundamental interactions 
  • physics of matter
  • theoretical physics
  • international (double degree in partnership with Aix-Marseille University) 

The thesis is an original research work, carried out in direct contact with leading national and international research realities.

Learning by doing

As with the bachelor's degree, courses in the master's degree include laboratory activities aimed at in-depth study of cutting-edge techniques and technologies in each of the degree's areas of specialization. Thanks to contacts between the Department of Physics, international research centers and industrial reality, it is possible to carry out research activities abroad and internships at companies.

Professional outlets

100 percent (Almalaurea 2016) of master's graduates in physics in Genoa three years after graduation are gainfully employed. The course opens the way to scientific research, teaching, and a job in industry. Here are some areas where the physicist is in high demand: energy, transportation, space and defense, biomedical, computer science, and nanotechnology.

What you will learn

  • theoretical physics

    The fundamental theories of modern physics and the journey in search of a unified theory

  • physics of matter

    from the properties of matter at the micro- and nano-scale to the design of new materials

  • nuclear and elementary particle physics

    The particles that constitute matter and radiation and their interactions


  • applied physics

    from electronics to biophysics, from superconductivity to physics in space

  • Doing research in a multidisciplinary context

    You will know how to weave skills and knowledge to solve complex problems


  • Translating knowledge into professional skills

    You will be able to put your knowledge to use in the development of new materials and technologies


Did you know that.

  • The Department of Physics in Genoa is one of seven Italian Departments of Excellence in the area of Physical Sciences .
  • You will be able to do part of your dissertation at large international research laboratories such as CERN, Gran Sasso, the synchrotrons in Trieste and Grenoble .
  • You will study in an international environment in contact with leading research realities


The Bachelor of Science in Physics degree program provides in-depth knowledge of the fundamental theories of classical and modern physics and their advanced applications in areas such as matter physics, particle and high-energy physics, astrophysics, biophysics and environmental physics.

You will learn to put your knowledge to use with creativity and autonomy. The dissertation, which plays an important role in your education, takes place within a research group or industrial research and development unit. You will be able to rework your knowledge to propose original theories and experiments, and you will learn how to follow an original research work from the concept and design phase to the data collection and presentation of results


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Welcome to the master's degree program in Physics!


Course Coordinator

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Department of Physics DIFI
. Valletta Puggia
Via Dodecaneso 33
16146 Genoa

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