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Info 2024/2025

Duration 3 years
CFU 180
Class L-8
Access Free access
Locations GENOVA
Language Italian
Teaching mode Tradizionale
Head of programme MARCO STORACE
Taxes and fees From 0 to 3,000 a year. Find out if you qualify for grants ed exemptions
Student exchange International destinations and partners
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The course in brief


The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology - IETI offers a course of study that encompasses most topics in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) field.

The graduate in IETI develops electronic technologies and systems, designs hardware/software systems and telecommunications networks, and organizes the performance of such activities, aware of the ethical and professional responsibilities that his work entails.

Learning by doing

Students, in addition to lectures, carry out design activities of electronic, computer and telematics systems. Thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of the Department of Marine, Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering - DITEN and its industrial contacts, students acquire the ability to apply ICT solutions to real-world contexts (transportation, industry, society, etc.). In the labs, students use professional tools, followed step by step by teachers and technicians and learning to collaborate in teams.

Professional outlets

IETI graduates can continue their studies in a master's program in information technology without any educational debt, in Italy or abroad.

For those who decide to stop, job prospects can be found in manufacturing industries of consumer goods, design companies, and in general in companies and businesses operating in the broader ICT sector.

What you will learn

tecnologie internet

le moderne reti di telecomunicazioni

sistemi elettronici embedded

l'elettronica integrata negli oggetti intelligenti

programmazione di sistemi elettronici

linguaggi di programmazione per sviluppare sistemi hardware/software

elaborazione di immagini

elaborazione, compressione e trasmissione di immagini e sequenze video

campi elettromagnetici

le leggi fondamentali del campo elettromagnetico, per la comprensione delle tecnologie dell'informazione

architetture di calcolo

il funzionamento dei sistemi elettronici basati su microprocessore

circuiti elettrici

analizzare circuiti in transitorio, in regime stazionario e in regime sinusoidale

sistemi digitali

dall'algebra booleana al progetto di Macchine a Stati Finiti e Microcontrollori

controllo di sistemi automatici

metodi per il controllo di sistemi dinamici

Did you know that.

Avrai a disposizione ambienti di studio e laboratori per mettere in pratica quanto imparato a lezione

La preparazione dei nostri studenti è apprezzata nelle industrie italiane e internazionali

I docenti svolgono ricerca e coordinano Progetti Europei su queste tematiche

Molti laboratori sono coinvolti in progetti di ricerca internazionali


The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies - IETI was created with the intention of building an educational pathway that embraces most of the themes of the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) field. The IETI engineer is the professional figure capable of designing hardware and software devices, developing electronic technologies and systems, designing, implementing, and managing systems, networks, and services for the transport and processing of information, and organizing the performance of these activities, aware of the professional and ethical responsibilities that his or her work entails.

In the three years of study along with disciplines in the ICT area, specific knowledge of mathematics and physics is also provided through curricula specifically designed to support ICT topics. The final test allows for concrete application of the skills acquired and offers the opportunity to gain experience in a company or laboratory, where further skills-operational, behavioral, interpersonal, and teamwork-essential for completing the preparation can be developed.

It is possible to carry out part of the studies abroad, using special scholarships from the University of Genoa - Erasmus program - and agreements entered into by the degree program with other European locations.


Marco Storace

Thank you for your interest in the IETI degree program. I welcome you and hope to count you among the future students, to help you become a professional in the ICT field, in an environment equipped with the necessary infrastructure to emerge globally.
Lecturers, technicians, administrators, and tutors strive daily to make the teaching of information technology-related subjects up-to-date and competitive.

Marco Storace

Where we are

Department of Marine, Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering - DITEN

Administration and Teaching Offices
. Via Opera Pia 11a
16145 Genoa
+39 010 353 2733

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Reference for teaching
. Paola Bergantin
+39 010 33 52429 / 52410

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