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According to the AlmaLaurea 2016 survey, 78% of new graduates in Physiotherapy would choose the same course and the same university, considering it adequate from the educational, logistical and structural point of view. The degree is considered effective for working: in the labor market, 92 percent of new graduates are stable (Employment rate def. ISTAT - Labour Forces 95.1) and the percentage who have a permanent contract is higher than average (66.5 percent versus 46 percent of the average).

The organization of the course in Physiotherapy at the University of Genoa allows a direct relationship between health personnel and students, which is essential for teaching and internship, and its structuring over five regional locations facilitates travel and decreases costs for families, ensuring that the student trains closer to home. The course also attracts students from neighboring regions.

The Director and Tutors of the Poles are the reference figures, to whom the student can turn at any time. A Tutoring System is also in place, carried out by Tutors and Internship Guides, which facilitates the learning of professional skills by ensuring a ratio of one guide for every one or two students.