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CODE 106721
SEMESTER 1° Semester
Propedeuticità in ingresso
Per sostenere l'esame di questo insegnamento è necessario aver sostenuto i seguenti esami:


This course introduces you to EU insurance law. It is integrated with Financial Market Law, in order to provide the preparation for the advanced course on EU Financial and Insurance Markets Regulation.



This course introduces to the general issues of insurance law. It is divided into two parts. The first one provides the legal and institutional framework on the insurance and focuses its attention on the rationale of public regulation of the insurance activity. The second part is designed to provide an essential understanding of the legal concepts of the insurance contract law and focuses on the main classes of insurance policies.


This course aims to provide students with the fundamentals of insurance regulation governing the insurance industry at the European and Italian levels. The lectures also cover the civil law regulation of the insurance contract. 

Individual study, attendance and participation in the proposed training activities will enable the student to:

  • Understand and remember the main regulatory provisions that govern the performance of the insurance business as well as the subjects that operate in it with particular regard to insurance companies and intermediaries;
  • Identify the various relevant regulatory sources and understand and apply the main rules on insurance companies' corporate governance and risk management;
  • Understand the structure and mechanism of public supervision of the insurance business and be aware of the significance and relevance of special industry regulations;
  • Understand the main techniques of policyholder protection in the provision of insurance brokerage services and distinguish the safeguards in insurance distribution concerning those provided in the provision of investment services;
  • Understand and critically evaluate different types of insurance contracts; and 
  • Identify, understand and apply the rules governing the formation, interpretation and execution of insurance contracts;
  • Understand and critically evaluate, with independent judgment, European and Italian regulations on the insurance industry;
  • Read and critically examine, with independent judgment, scholarly articles in insurance law, judgments and decisions related to insurance contracts;
  • Express oneself in appropriate technical legal language.

The learning outcomes are part of the knowledge and experience required for the development of skills in the field of private law and European law that are relevant in the performance of professional and work activities in companies in the insurance sector (insurance companies, insurance brokers and distributors, suppliers and consultants included in the value chain) with a legal and regulatory compliance profile. The acquired knowledge is also preparatory to the performance of curricular internships useful for the consolidation of theoretical and practical skills in the insurance industry.


Knowledge of European business law and fluency in Italian language is required. Erasmus students are invited to modify their learning agreement by switching to the European Union Financial and Insurance Markets Regulation (code 90507) course, except if they demonstrate an adequate understanding and use of the Italian language, allowing them to participate in the lessons, exercises and seminars actively.


Teaching is delivered through face-to-face lectures and live exercises during the first semester for at least 36 hours taught by the course holder. During the exercises, opinions are carried out within the topics in the program and students are required to actively participate in the discussion. Weekly are published on Aulaweb the texts on which to start in-depth studies and classroom discussion. Optional supplementary seminars are also scheduled with the participation of external speakers in order to study in depth topical issues or to understand the applicative profiles of the subject. Language: Italian. 


1.    The European regulation of insurance services.
2.    The supervision of insurance activity.
3.    Corporate governance and risk management.
4.    European regulation of insurance distribution.
5.    Policyholder protection and the discipline of product governance and control.
6.    Liquidation and resolution of insurance companies. Insurance guarantee funds.
7.    The European regulation of motor vehicle liability insurance.
8.    Types and civil law regulation of insurance contracts.
9.    The European discipline on company pension funds. 
10. The pan-European pension plan.
11. The insurance fintech. 
12. Insurance and sustainability.


The program for attending students is dedicated to the European regulation of insurance and supplementary pensions, particularly regarding the supervision of insurance companies and intermediaries. Only the material published on AulaWeb will be used to prepare for the exam. The program for non-attending students is dedicated to the regulation of insurance contracts and of the insurance company, with particular attention to the profiles characterizing the main types of arrangements. It also includes the essential features of European legislation on the supervision of insurance companies and intermediaries. To prepare for the exam, students shall use the text by N. De Luca, Diritto ed economia delle assicurazioni, Il Mulino, 2022 (all chapters).


Exam Board

MICHELE SIRI (President)


MATTEO GARGANTINI (President Substitute)

EUGENIA MACCHIAVELLO (President Substitute)



THEA ROMANO' (Substitute)




Classes are held in the first semester.

Class schedule

The timetable for this course is available here: Portale EasyAcademy



In the winter, summer and autumn sessions, the exam takes the form of an oral interview, to be taken in Italian, both for the program applicable to attending students and for the program applicable to non-attending students. The calendar of ordinary exams is published on the University website. Any postponements are also announced on the AulaWeb page and are made on the University website for the booking of exams. Always check on AulaWeb the actual date close to the scheduled one. There are no extraordinary sessions compared to the official ones, and there are no post-appeals. The admission to the exam is subject to the online registration on the University website for the booking of exams. In case of failure, the exam cannot be repeated in the next call of the same session. In case of renunciation, the exam can be repeated in the next call.


The exam for attending students is articulated on the three areas of the didactics carried out and foresees a verification of the preparation with at least one question on the topics developed in the lessons, one question on the European jurisprudence and one question on the sentences from which the cases faced in the exercises are taken.
The exam for non-attending students concerns the discipline of the company and insurance contracts and is divided into three questions on: 1. Economics, history and insurance law. 2. The insurance contract. 3. Insurance of assets. 4. Insurance of property and credit. 5. Life and health insurance. 6. The insurance company. 7. Insurance distribution.
Students enrolled in the Erasmus program take the same test as other students. There are no pre or post-sessions dedicated to Erasmus students. There are no elective or special programs.

Exam schedule

Data appello Orario Luogo Degree type Note
18/12/2023 09:00 GENOVA Orale
08/01/2024 09:00 GENOVA Orale
22/01/2024 09:00 GENOVA Orale
13/05/2024 09:00 GENOVA Orale
27/05/2024 09:00 GENOVA Orale
10/06/2024 09:00 GENOVA Orale
01/07/2024 09:00 GENOVA Orale
09/09/2024 09:00 GENOVA Orale


For the Master's Degree in Law, the exams in Private Law 1 and Private Law 2 are propaedeutic. However, it is recommended, but not required, to pass the exams of Commercial Law 1. For the three-year degree course in Business and Administration Law, it is recommended, but not required, to pass the exam of Institutions of Private Law and Commercial Law. See the AulaWeb page for more information and possible updates during the academic year.

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Agenda 2030 - Sustainable Development Goals
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