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CODE 53086
SEMESTER 2° Semester


The fundamental directions of Ligurian artistic dynamics in the modern age will be reconstructed by analysing images presented in lectures and by direct contact with artistic and architectural objects in Genoa.



The course aims to give students knowledge of the fundamental characteristics of Ligurian art from the second half of the 15th century to the first half of the 18th century in relation to the history of Italian and European art in the same chronological period.


The course aims to provide students with knowledge and skills related to the dynamics of artistic production in the Ligurian territory between the fifteenth and early eighteenth centuries.

Specifically, at the end of the course students must be able to:

- place works of art and artists in a correct timeline, linking the artefacts to the historical context and  the society in which they were produced;

- remember the contents of the lessons they attended and of the set bibliography they studied;

- demonstrate that they possess the critical tools necessary for the analysis of images relevant to the course;

- apply the theoretical knowledge acquired to concrete case studies.



Frontal lessons, PowerPoint presentations; field activities (visits to palaces, museums etcetera); discussions during lectures.

Classes are held in person. Attendance, although not compulsory, is recommended. The lecturer, at the specific request of a student (by e-mail), may allow him/her to follow classes remotely via “Teams” platform and to view class recordings (this does not apply to field acrivities).


Programme for students taking the course for 6 cfu


For students who attend the course (at least two thirds of lectures):

  • notes from lectures and creative PowerPoint presentations
  • general texts indicated in the bibliography
  • a set of in-depth readings (to be chosen from the list indicated in the bibliography)
  • knowledge of museums, buildings and churches visited during the course
  • visit and in-depth knowledge of two churches or one church and one museum chosen from among those that were not visited during the course.

For students who could not attend the course:

  • general texts indicated in the bibliography
  • two sets of in-depth readings (to be chosen from the list indicated in the bibliography)
  • visit and in-depth knowledge of two churches and two museums that are interesting for the history of modern art (15th-18th centuries); on the basis of a specific agreement with teaching staff, by email or in person, it will be possible to choose churches and museums in cities other than Genoa.


General texts (compulsory for all students):

- F.R. Pesenti, "La pittura e la scultura dal Duecento alla metà del Seicento" in “Atti della Soc.Ligure di Storia Patria”, n.s., XLV, 2, 2005 [qui integrato da alcune immagini supplementari]: pp. 13-52 (Quattrocento e primo Cinquecento), 75-138 (prima metà del Seicento).

-  "La pittura a Genova e in Liguria", 2 voll., 2a ed., Genova, 1987: vol.I, pp. 163-183, , 193-220 (Cinquecento); vol. II, pp 185-248, 325-339 (secondo Seicento e primo Settecento).

- "La scultura a Genova e in Liguria", Fratelli Pagano, Genova, 1987-1988: vol. II, pp.127-165 (Filippo Parodi), 265-270 (Anton Maria Maragliano)

- A chapter in "Dalla città medievale a Genova Barocca" nel volume "Città Ateneo Immagine", Genova 2014 .

Complementary texts (students who attended lessons must choose one group of texts, students who were unable to attend lessons must choose two):

A) "Primitivi fiamminghi in Liguria", Genova Recco, 2003, pp. 19-40 + "Pittura fiamminga in Liguria. Secoli XIV-XVII", Genova - Milano, 1997, pp. 59-81.
B) L. Magnani, "Luca Cambiaso: idea, pratica, ideologia", in "Luca Cambiaso. Un maestro del Cinquecento europeo", Cinisello Balsamo (MI), pp. 21-61.
C) P. Boccardo, "Il collezionismo della classe dirigente genovese nel Seicento", in O. Bonfait et al., "Geografia del collezionismo: Italia e Francia tra il XVI e il XVIII secolo", Roma 2001, pp.129-143 + L. Magnani, "Lo spazio del collezionismo. Problemi", in "Collezionismo e spazi del collezionismo. Temi e sperimentazioni", a cura di L. Magnani, pp. 13-46.
D) L. Stagno, "Due principi per un palazzo. I cicli decorativi commissionati da Andrea e Giovanni Andrea I Doria a Perino del Vaga, Lazzaro Calvi e Marcello Sparzo per il Palazzo del Principe", in “Ricerche di Storia dell’arte”, nn.82-83, 2004, pp. 9-32 + P. Boccardo, "Andrea Doria e le arti. Committenza e mecenatismo a Genova", Roma 1989, cap. VII
E) D. Sanguineti, "Anton Maria Maragliano 1664-1739", Genova, Sagep, 2012, pp.11-109.



Exam Board

LAURA STAGNO (President)





February  2024



Oral exam.

The candidate will be invited to recognize significant works of art (among those presented in the texts included in the bibliography), place them in an art history timeline, and  comment on them; he/she will be asked to critically present themes, artists and issues addressed during the lessons and in the texts to be prepared for the exam (only in the latter for non-attending students); he/she will also be required to illustrate the monuments , collections and works of art in the Ligurian area personally chosen as objects of in-depth study-


An oral exam which aims to assess the candidate's grasp of the course's contents but also his/her acquisition of a methodology to "read"  works of art (in particular by commenting images contained in texts indicated in the bibliography).

Students who demonstrate that they have acquired basic knowledge of the historical-artistic dynamics of the modern age in Liguria will pass the exam. To attain an evaluation of excellence  students must demonstrate detailed knowledge of the contents, mastery of the relevant specific terminology and critical awareness, as well as the capacity to propose relevant lines of argument and links.

Exam schedule

Data appello Orario Luogo Degree type Note
19/12/2023 14:00 GENOVA Orale
19/01/2024 10:30 GENOVA Orale
07/02/2024 10:30 GENOVA Orale
07/05/2024 11:30 GENOVA Orale
04/06/2024 10:30 GENOVA Orale
19/06/2024 10:30 GENOVA Orale
22/07/2024 10:30 GENOVA Orale
11/09/2024 10:30 GENOVA Orale

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