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Cosa studierai

The specific training objectives consist in providing the student with the skills necessary to face the environmental issues in the framework of the Eco-System Based Management (EBM) having developed adequate knowledge for the description of Natural Processes, Chemical-Environmental Processes and of the Impact and Management of human productive activities. The training project therefore involves interdisciplinary skills on analytical, planning and management aspects. The training offer is therefore proposed to preparing engineers able to:

  • understand the processes underlying the natural and chemical phenomena affecting the soil, air and water
  • conceiving, designing and implementing typical environmental engineering interventions
  • implement and design systems for the reclamation and remediation for various environmental matrices
  • enhancing environmental resources and renewable energy production systems
  • design and implement environmental monitoring systems
  • evaluate the impact of production activities on the ecosystem
  • knowledge of rules and legislation in the environmental field
  • analyse and enhance susitanibility of human activities