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What you will study

The specific training objectives consist in providing the student with the skills necessary to face the environmental issues in the framework of the Eco-System Based Management (EBM) having developed adequate knowledge for the description of Natural Processes, Chemical-Environmental Processes and of the Impact and Management of human productive activities. The training project therefore involves interdisciplinary skills on analytical, planning and management aspects. The training offer is therefore proposed to preparing engineers able to:

  • understand the processes underlying the natural and chemical phenomena affecting the soil, air and water
  • conceiving, designing and implementing typical environmental engineering interventions
  • implement and design systems for the reclamation and remediation for various environmental matrices
  • enhancing environmental resources and renewable energy production systems
  • design and implement environmental monitoring systems
  • evaluate the impact of production activities on the ecosystem
  • knowledge of rules and legislation in the environmental field
  • analyse and enhance susitanibility of human activities

Career perspectives

The environmental engineer


An environmental engineer of the future, able to face complex environmental problems, conceive and design solutions and conventional and innovative environmental interventions thanks to his knowledge of physical, chemical and environmental impact management processes.


  • understand the basic physical and chemical processes responsible for the dispersion of contaminants into different types of matrix
  • implements and use numerical calculation models for the description of physical and chemical processes
  • evaluate and manage the use of environmental resources - water, energy, waste - with a view to the circular economy and the protection of natural resources
  • assess the resources and the ecological value of the environment in which human production activities are developed
  • develop environmental management programs for the implementation of specific practices for the mitigation of environmental impacts and for the improvement of safety conditions


  • in Public Administrations in the fields of Environment, Land Management and Civil Protection as Technical Officer
  • in consulting companies specialized on various environmental issues, from design to environmental impact assessment, from environmental monitoring to environmental modeling
  • in industries as a technical figure in the field of environmental impact and environmental risk management
  • on his own as an engineer for the civil and environmental sectors, after passing the state examination