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The course in brief


The degree program aims at training engineering professionals who are capable of operating in numerous application, research and innovation domains in the medical-biological field, which naturally require inter-disciplinary skills.

You will achieve knowledge and skills that are applicable in different domains: neuro-technologies, rehabilitation and assistive technologies, cybernetic and bio-inspired systems, biomaterials, engineered tissues and cells, medical instruments and diagnostic systems, clinical engineering, health information systems, e-health and m-health.

Learning by doing

The course combines lectures with:

  • lab activities and development of projects on cutting-edge areas, often in collaboration with external institutions
  • internships in research labs, clinical facilities and rehabilitation centers
  • seminars and supplementary courses taught by industry professionals.

Career perspectives

In the industrial sector, a bioengineer develops medical and surgical devices, in-vitro diagnostic systems and healthcare technologies. Many bioengineers find employment in innovative start-ups and some become entrepreneurs themselves. In clinical facilities, research institutes and rehabilitation centers, bioengineers can manage technical services and diagnostic laboratories. A significant fraction of graduates enrolls in PhD programs.

What you will learn

  • Biomedical instrumentation

    Bioimaging and multidimensional signal analysis for diagnostic purposes

  • Motor control and rehabilitation engineering

    Technologies, methods, models for the analysis and rehabilitation of human performance

  • Tissue engineering

    Mechanical properties, cell and molecular biology, techniques and gene therapies

  • Medical Informatics

    Interoperability, continuity of care, reuse of clinical data

  • Natural and artificial intelligent systems

    perception, cognition and behavior

  • Neuroengineering and neurotechnology

    Neuro-electronic interfaces, computational neuroscience, and neuromorphic engineering

Did you know that...

  • About 40% of students carry out their thesis work in companies or research institutions outside the university.
  • About 25% are carried out abroad.
  • The Degree Program in Biomedical engineering of the University of Genoa was, together with that of the Polytechnic of Milan, the first to be established in Italy, in 1995.


Interdisciplinarity as a key to innovation

Application of new technologies and new scientific discoveries requires a dialogue between different disciplines. The Master's degree program in Bioengineering helps to develop a distinctly intersectoral, multidisciplinary attitude, naturally aimed at innovation.

The degree program aims at consolidating physical, mathematical and engineering skills and knowledge in the life sciences field, and to provide specialistic skills in the area of bioengineering.

You will learn to describe, simulate and analyze systems and signals of interest for medicine and biology. You will learn about biomaterials, devices and instrumentation for diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation and the molecular, cellular and cognitive basis of human perception and behavior. You will learn about the organization of patient management and assistance structures, the information systems used in them and the related ethical implications.

A multi-purpose professional with a solid technical-biological background

The course is aimed at graduates in Biomedical Engineering or in other Industrial and Information Engineering fields, but is also accessible to graduates from the various sectors of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences.

The development of personal skills and abilities will be expressed especially during thesis work, to which the last semester is almost entirely dedicated.

The course will also provide you with an ability to relate and interact with professionals with a variety of skills and cultural backgrounds.

The course is organized into two tracks. Each track offers two curricula:

  • Track T1: Neuroengineering (in English)
    • Curriculum T1C1: Neuroengineering and Neurotechnologies
    • Curriculum T1C2: Rehabilitation Engineering and Interaction Technologies
  • Track T2: Engineering for Personalized Medicine (in English)
    • Curriculum T2C1: Materials and Devices for personalized medicine
    • Curriculum T2C2: Information and Communication Technologies for Personalized Medicine


11159_Vittorio Sanguineti

Welcome to the master's degree program in Bioengineering. Our community-students, faculty, mentors, and all staff-is strongly committed to blending teaching with their research activities. You will build your skills to apply engineering tools and techniques to solving biomedical and life science problems, live and study in a friendly atmosphere, and share your passion for bioengineering with us.

Course Coordinator

Where we are

Department of Computer Science, Bioengineering, Robotics and Systems Engineering - DIBRIS
Administration and Teaching Secretariat
Viale Francesco Causa 13
16145 Genova

Lecture Rooms, Laboratories and Teachers' Offices
Via All'Opera Pia 13
16145 Genoa

How to Reach Us
From Cristoforo Colombo Airport
From Genoa Brignole train station
From Genoa Principe train station
From the Genoa West freeway tollbooth
From the Genoa Nervi freeway tollbooth

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Student Desk
Via Montallegro 1
inside Villa Cambiaso Park - in front of Aula A7
16145 Genova
+39 010 353 2148

Reference for teaching
Elena Tortora
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Education Staff (for pre-registration, enrollment and study plans)
Daniela Peghini
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