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What you will study

The course is organized into two tracks. Each track offers two curricula:

  • Track T1: Neuroengineering (in English)
    • Curriculum T1C1: Neuroengineering and Neurotechnologies
    • Curriculum T1C2: Rehabilitation Engineering and Interaction Technologies
  • Track T2: Engineering for Personalized Medicine (normally taught in Italian; may be taught in English on request)
    • Curriculum T2C1: Materials and Devices for personalized medicine
    • Curriculum T2C2: Information and Communication Technologies for Personalized Medicine.

The first year is mainly aimed at providing solid cultural and methodological foundations, strengthening the first level engineering training and integrating it with specialized courses, specific for each training path (Track). The second year is mainly dedicated to advanced topics, specific to each curriculum. The development of personal skills and abilities finds a way to express itself above all during the preparation of the master's degree thesis, to which the last semester is almost entirely dedicated.

The skills acquired are directly expendable in the job market and may provide the foundations for further study in subsequent courses (II level Master and PhD).