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Why bioengineering?

Because you are fascinated by the technology and the functioning of the human body and, when you see the video of a person who has lost the use of a limb and controls a robotic prosthesis directly with his brain or you read about serious diseases that can be diagnosed in time to be treated thanks to devices so small that they cannot be observed even with a magnifying glass, you get excited and would like to contribute to the realization of all this.

If you have a solid technical and scientific background, the Master's degree in Bioengineering will provide you with the knowledge and tools to tackle problems related to human health and well-being, using the systematic approach of engineering. 
The fields of application of bioengineering are innumerable and constantly expanding thanks to the emergence of new technologies that open up new application scenarios.

Why Genoa?

Because Bioengineering at the University of Genoa has a long history and a solid, internationally recognized scientific reputation.

Because the course already attracts dozens of students from all over Italy due to its unique track in Neuroengineering. 

Courses are taught by teachers who conduct research activities in that specific field and guarantee up-to-date content and the possibility of combining lectures with demonstrations and practical laboratory activities.