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Info 2024/2025

Duration 2 years
CFU 120
Class LM-52
Access Free access
Locations GENOVA
Language English Italian
Teaching mode In-person
Head of programme FABRIZIO COTICCHIA
Taxes and fees From 0 to 3,000 a year. Find out if you qualify for grants ed exemptions
Student exchange International destinations and partners
Contacts Read more here
Information about this Course for previous years is available here SCIENZE INTERNAZIONALI E DELLA COOPERAZIONE 10177

The course in brief


The course of study is divided into four curricula:

  • Fundamental Rights and Environmental Defense
  • .
  • Globalizaciòn y desarrollo (Spanish and English)
  • .
  • Security and International Relations (in English)
  • International Relations and European Studies

Learning by doing

The course supplements the lectures with:

  • seminars on topics pertaining to the international political framework and the analysis of international relations, as well as related methodologies of intervention
  • stages and internships at International Bodies and Entities working in the field of environment, human rights protection and peace-keeping
  • simulations of International Bodies (Parliament or European Council)
  • .
  • trips to international organizations
  • stays at foreign universities

Professional outlets

  • Directive, organizational and managerial positions within public, private, NGO and international organizations working in environmental defense, human rights protection and peace-keeping
  • Access, after specific competition, to the diplomatic career
  • Directive and management positions with international and supranational, governmental and non-governmental organizations and administrations, development cooperation bodies, national and international study and research centers

What you will learn

La storia delle relazioni internazionali

Conoscere la storia delle relazioni internazionali

Il diritto delle istituzioni internazionali

Fondamenti giuridici delle relazioni internazionali, diritto dell'ambiente

La politologia

Studio del peace-keeping, del tema della sicurezza e dei processi di democratizzazione nell'ambito delle relazioni internazionali

L'economia e le relazioni internazionali

Economia, processi di sviluppo, economia dell'ambiente

La sociologia

I fenomeni sociologici delle società contemporanee

Il pensiero politico

Sovranismi, nazionalismi, forme dell'imperialismo e pensiero politico ecologista

La geografia

La geopolitica, le migrazioni, i conflitti in un mondo multipolare

L'antropologia e la demografia

Antropologia, demografia e migrazioni umane

La statistica

Strumenti statistici per lo studio dei fenomeni sociali, politici ed economici

Le lingue straniere

I linguaggi disciplinari delle relazioni internazionali

Did you know that.

Il corso di laurea consente di svolgere interessanti attività di stage all'estero e in Italia

I laureati del corso possono partecipare ai concorsi per l'ingresso nella carriera diplomatica

Tutti gli anni vengono banditi a livello nazionale e internazionale, europeo ed extraeuropeo, numerosi concorsi per operare nel campo delle relazioni e della cooperazione internazionale


A rapidly changing world


Interpreting and managing these dynamics is one of the main and most ambitious challenges of our time.

International Relations, Peace-keeping, Environment


The lessons taught in the course enable:

  • have the sociological, political, legal, economic, historical, geographical, anthropological and linguistic tools necessary to understand the processes involved in globalization and development policies, on a European and non-European scale
  • analyze international legal, political and economic structures, legal regimes, national and supranational institutional forms in their historical becoming and in their respective paths and operational processes
  • analyze international economic flows and relations, theories and practices of negotiation and diplomacy, with particular attention to the process of European integration, the evolution of major international bodies, and conflict management
  • acquire the skills necessary to design, prepare, implement, monitor, and communicate appropriate intervention projects in peace-keeping, environmental defense, and human rights protection, promoting international cooperation


11162_Fabrizio Coticchia
In a globalized world, the study of foreign policy and international relations is vital for the understanding of any aspect of politics. Security, environment, human rights, social justice cannot be conceived independently of international relations and their continuous change and interactions. What are the main factors that influence international relations? This MA is designed to answer this complex and multifaceted question.

Fabrizio Coticchia

Where we are

Department of Political Science - DISPO
Didactic pole Albergo dei poveri
Piazzale E. Brignole 1 gate
16125 Genova

Computer Lab
Polo didattico Albergo dei poveri - 1st floor
+39 010 209 51297

Library Enrico Vidal
Educational pole Albergo dei poveri - 2nd floor
+39 010 209 51213

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