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Master degree course
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Programme overview


Data are the key to the future and the Master’s degree in Economics & Data Science is a multidisciplinary and innovative project conceived to answer challenges and professional opportunities offered by the information society and to meet the more recent job market trends.

Learning by doing

The course mixes face-to-face lessons with:

  • teaching of softwares used by managers, analysts and professionals
  • seminars in with field experts
  • inclusive learning and peer to peer teaching: team working, laboratory experiences, business case analysis

Career perspectives

  • specialist in economic analysis and management
  • risk analyst and manager
  • social and economic analyst
  • economic analyst in the health, energy or environmental fields
  • economist and researcher
  • expert in evaluation and planning of public or private initiatives

What you will learn

  • Economic Analysis

    Advanced models of microeconomics and macroeconomics

  • Econometric models for time series analysis and Economic policy evaluation

    Econometric models for time series analysis & forecasting and models and techniques for economic policy evaluation

  • Environment and Health

    Health economics; Resources and environmental economics

  • Financial economics and Global finance

    Decisions under uncertainty & Asset Pricing; Global finance & geopolitics

  • Big Data techniques

    Data science methods to deal with Big Data

  • Mathematics for economics and data science

    Mathematical methods for static and dynamic optimization

  • Statistical Models

    Theory and practice of statistical learning techniques

  • Python Algorithms & Optimization

    Heuristic algorithms in Python for optimization problems

  • Fundamentals of strategic management; Risk management techniques

    Business strategies; Techniques for financial risk management

  • Regulation of Fintech and digital economy

    Analysis of legal issues in digital finance

Did you know that...

  • Market analyst and data scientist will be among the most requested profession on the job market in the next future
  • Master's degree teachers are in strict contact with the representatives of companies and institutions
  • Students can get scholarships to attend Summer Schools abroad
  • In 2020 Big Data & Business Analytics market reached 1815 million Euros


The Master’s Degree in Economics & Data Science provides students a high-level professional training which mixes business, economic, mathematical, computer and legal knowledge. The training path is characterized by :

  • a strong integration among the key disciplines which will allow students to work both in the fields of economics and Big Data
  • a balance among the different topics which will permit students to work in different professional positions within economic and financial systems, companies, private or public institutions

Graduated students will get skills to understand the structure of the market and how it works and they will know the economic actors’ activities (companies and institutions, financial intermediaries, analysts and consultants, think thank and research institutions). They will be able to manage big data to support decision makers’ activities or to propose innovative solutions facing any business problem. Graduated students will be able to work in the fields of health, energy, environment and finance.

Head of programme

            <div>Maurizio Conti</div>

Dear student, welcome to the Master's degree in Economics & Data Science! All of us will engage to help you to develop the skills you need to work in this new frontier of knowledge. We ask you to be serious, committed and passionate.

Head of Programme

Where to find us

Department of Economics
Via Vivaldi 5 (Darsena)
16126 Genova

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