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Digital Transformation and Eco-Sustainability issues will play a decisive role in characterizing the employment requirements of various economic sectors, involving also around 30% of the workers that firms and Public Administration will need in the next five years. Among the most required professional profiles on the market in the coming years there will be experts in data analysis, cyber security, artificial intelligence and market analysis.

What you will study?

Graduated students will get skills to understand the structure of the market and how it works and they will know the economic actors’ activities (companies and institutions, financial intermediaries, analysts and consultants, think thank and research institutions). They will be able to manage big data to support decision makers’ activities or to propose innovative solutions facing any business problem. Graduated students will be able to work in the fields of health, energy, environment and finance.

Career perspectives

The Master’s Degree in Economics & Data Science prepares for a variety of highly qualified occupational and professional profiles, mainly in the fields of financial markets and data analysis, in the energy, health and environment areas.