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Info 2023/2024

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Bando di ammissione 2023/2024

Programme overview


The course aims to train qualified technicians in the mechanical-chemical-energy or electrical-electronic-computer fields, able to manage activities such as design, construction, management, risk analysis, safety, both in the phases of prevention and emergency situations in various industrial and / or information fields.
The Degree, at European level 6 (European Qualification Network), qualifies the profession of Graduated Industrial Expert (Perito Industriale Laureato).

Learning by doing

The course includes, in addition to classroom lessons, held mainly in the first year, a wide range of laboratory activities, also carried out in the corporate and extra-university context, and a professional training of 750 hours in companies, professional firms or public bodies.

Career perspectives

Graduates, having acquired intersectoral and interdisciplinary training more focused in the mechanical / energy / chemical or electrical / information technologies branches, will be able to carry out their functions in the manufacturing or service industry, in the freelance profession (individually or in professional firms) and in public administrations.

What you will learn

  • Management of equipment

    Conducting and optimizing equipment and systems

  • Construction of systems

    Collaborate in the physical construction of equipment and systems

  • Testing of plants

    Check the adequacy and proper functioning of systems

  • Process control

    Managing complex production processes

  • Verification and certification of plants and processes

    Evaluate plants and processes in relation to regulations

  • Participation in a team of designers

    Collaborate in the design of equipment, systems and processes

  • Risk analysis

    Verify the safety and risk conditions in corporate and civil sites

  • Training of technical personnel

    Carrying out training activities and educational courses

Did you know that...

  • In Europe it is necessary to increase the number of young people who acquire high technical-professional skills
  • Companies are looking for young people who have acquired high technical-professional skills
  • Under European legislation, the performance of professional activities implies the acquisition of a three-year degree
  • To practice as an industrial expert you must have a degree
  • The profession of Graduated Industrial Expert is recognized at European level and can be used in every European country
  • In Italy there are over 40,000 industrial experts
  • Carrying out the activity of Graduated Industrial Expert implies continuous training
  • The activity of Industrial Experts includes 8 sectors and 26 specializations
  • The Technical Professions play a central role in carrying out the PNRR


The Professional Degree Course in Industrial Technologies is specifically oriented to work and is aimed mainly at students who have a diploma from technical or professional institutes, and in any case from upper secondary schools.

The objectives of the Degree Program are strictly professional, in order to train qualified technicians able to immediately insert themselves in freelance and consultancy activities, in professional offices, in manufacturing companies in the mechanical, chemical, energy, electrical, electronic and IT sectors. On the other hand, the objective of this course is to privilege technological innovation with particular reference to the energy transition, and aspects relating to industrial safety, risk management and respect for the environment.

The training course provides for each student frontal teaching activities including basic, characterizing and related disciplines. Laboratory activities are foreseen from the first year, but especially in the second year, while the third year will be completely dedicated to completing the internship and preparation of the final exam. The graduate will be a technician dedicated to manufacturing production, with particular reference to technological innovation and the energy transition.

Thanks to the two specializations (mechanical-chemical-energy and electrical-electronic-computer) and the customization of laboratory and internship activities, the student will be able to acquire a certain specialization in the sectors of mechanical, chemical and energy technologies or in the sector of electronic electrical technologies and IT.

Head of programme

Guido Busca

A Welcome to the students of the New Professional Orientation Degree Course in Industrial Technologies. Europe and Italy need young technicians, prepared, dynamic and operational, to support the activities of companies and businesses. The course will provide you with practical training suitable for the profession of technician, well spendable in our region but also throughout the national territory and beyond.

Head of programme

Where to find us

Headquarters and administration of the degree course
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Chimica e Ambientale - DICCA
Villa Cambiaso, Via Montallegro, 1 
16145 Genova
Via Opera Pia 15 and 15A
16145 Genova

The face-to-face teaching activities will be held partly in the classrooms of the University of Genoa, Polytechnic School and School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, in Genoa (Albaro) and partly in other locations in downtown Genoa.

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Student offices

Sportello dello studente Scuola Politecnica (Ingegneria)
Via Montallegro 1/3
16145 Genova
+39 010 335 2148

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