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Admission criteria and procedure

Sign up for UniGe and the Test

To register for this course of study, you need to go through the procedure online which includes (check out the TUTORIAL):

  1. The registration to this Portal (if you have never been registered at the University of Genoa)
  2. The pre-registration: in the screen that will appear you will have to enter the credentials received with the registration (previous point)
  3. Registration confirmation
  4. .

N.B. Pre-registration is equivalent to registration for the entrance test.

You can proceed with the confirmation of matriculation ONLY if you pass the entrance test successfully.

Get ready for the entrance test

Please read the admission notice carefully to know the information needed to take the entrance test:

  • test date
  • how the test will be conducted
  • topics on which the questions will focus
  • how the ranking works

Go to the page dedicated to the Entrance Test

Support the Entrance Test

Go to the page Entrance Test to find the directions needed to take the test.

Support the English test

Read carefully the web page, edited by the Polytechnic School, concerning the English language.