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Committees and delegates

Course Council Coordinator

Responsibilities and functions:

  • performs all functions assigned by the University Statute and the University Teaching Regulations;
  • coordinates the committees and those responsible for CdS activities;
  • convenes the CCS and brings the SUA-CdS, SMA, RRCs for approval;
  • communicates to the CCS the results of all activities carried out by the committees and the different activity managers.



The Course of Study (CdS) has a Quality Assurance (QA) system to keep management processes under control.

Course of Study QA Committee

Responsabilities and functions:

  • filling in and updating the Single Annual Report Card (SUA-CdS) within the established deadlines;
  • analyzing and filling in the Annual Monitoring Form (SMA);
  • writing the Cyclical Review Report and monitoring the progress of proposed improvement activities;
  • analyzeing reports and requests from students, faculty, TA staff, in line with the procedures established by the University;
  • disseminating within the CdS the culture of quality education and self-evaluation;
  • analyzing teaching evaluation questionnaires, Almalaurea questionnaires and other information sources;
  • analyzing the report of the School Joint Committee;
  • monitoring the indicators related to the CdS;

Committee members


  • Edoardo Bologna (student)
  • Federico Pontillo (student)
  • Licatalosi Andrea (student)

Steering Committee

It deals with:

  • expressing needs from society and the world of work and culture
  • providing an opinion between the consistency of the course of study and specific training activities with the demand for training

Internal members

External members

  • Riccardo Bandera (Milan) - CEO of the Software House Curtel Games
  • .
  • Maria Elena Buslacchi (Genoa) - Anthropologist and journalist, specializing in urban studies
  • M. Maddalena Giordano (Genoa) - Archivist, head of the Durazzo Giustiniani Archives in Genoa
  • Cecilia Palombelli (Rome) - Editorial Director publishing house Viella - Rome
  • Mariangela Priarolo (Pisa) - Teacher of Philosophy and History, Liceo Scientifico Statale "Filippo Buonarroti" Pisa
  • Marta Stefani (Florence) - Scientific collaborator Museo Galileo (Florence), managing editor of the journal GALILAEANA
  • Luigi Vergallo (Milan)  - Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, Head of the research area "History and Memory" - Master in Public History and Historytelling
  • Francesco Ziosi (Zurich) - Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Zurich


Formative offer committee

It deals with:

  • editing the proposed programmed educational offerings annually
  • submitting the planned offerings to the QA Committee
  • identify possible changes in educational offerings and their consistency with the DAR
  • periodically assess the quality and congruence of so-called activities other

Committee members

Recognition and Passage Committee

It deals with:

  • helping students already enrolled in the CdS in completing the request for recognition of past careers
  • administering recognition and transition paperwork
  • process the practices of bridge careers
  • submit files for discussion and approval by the Board

Committee members

Commission Credit others

It deals with:

  • evaluate potential other activities according to the educational regulations and congruence with the educational offerings
  • verify the achievement of the number of hours required to obtain CFUs
  • certify online the achievement of CFUs

Committee members

Website manager

It deals with:

  • updating and verifying the information on the course of study website
  • checking that transparency requirements are met


Luca Iandolo (TA) -

Responsible for international activities

It deals with:

  • coordinating students in the Erasmus+ program or other international programs
  • promote the internationalization of the LSC through outward promotional activities and faculty mobility

Departmental Quality Assurance (RAQ) Manager.

Paolo Calcagno - Department of Antiquities, Philosophy and History

Study Plan Committee

It deals with:

  • helping enrolled students in the compilation of study plans:
    • check their congruence with the RAD and the educational regulations
    • submit them to the Board for approval
    • .

Committee members

Timetable committee

Committee members

Guidance Committee

Committee members

Teachers Tutors

Committee members


Tutores per gli studenti del primo anno:

Emiliano Beri (A-G)*

Maria Elena Cortese (H-O)

Matteo Navone (P-Z)

* Studenti con le iniziali del cognome da... a....

Tutores per gli studenti del secondo e terzo anno: