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The course in brief


The course of study has three different tracks. A curriculum in Architecture that prepares to operate in the typical processes of the architect. A curriculum in Sustainable Landscape Architecture, aimed at landscape analysis, design and planning based on the integration of architecture and natural sciences. A curriculum in Building Engineering, aimed at the deepening of scientific-technical knowledge and skills concerning the analysis and design of architecture.

Learning by doing

Architectural, landscape and engineering design requires the continuous relationship with an operational verification from physical modeling to virtual modeling, with prototype construction and through participation in intensive activities.

Professional outlets

Freelance professional or consulting, operational support at professional firms, agencies, design companies, companies operating in the field, as well as facilities in charge of quality control of the built environment.

What you will learn

  • design, urban planning, technology, restoration

    workshops to exercise conscious creativity

  • architectural history, city, territory

    the knowledge of the designer's culture

  • science, technology, computer science, drawing

    Tools for the development of the designer's activity

  • social and economic sciences, sustainability

    skills for the contemporary design

  • analysis of building structures

    Design by knowing ancient and modern constructions

  • geomorphology, botany, landscape

    for a conscious approach to spatial design

Did you know that.

  • La nostra laurea è riconosciuta nei diversi paesi dell'Unione Europea
  • La versatilità della nostra formazione offre sbocchi professionali in differenti settori
  • Molti dei nostri insegnamenti prevedono lavoro in team, workshop e visite guidate


The course of study is divided into three pathways.

The Architecture curriculum provides knowledge and skills in surveying and diagnostics, materials technology and construction processes, representation, and design and execution of non-complex works. Laboratories offer topics with reference to the relationship between architecture and the environment, with attention to sustainability, constructability and realizability of designed works.

The curriculum inSustainable Landscape Architecture provides knowledge and skills for landscape analysis, design and planning. It integrates the natural sciences with typical architectural disciplines. Workshops are aimed at understanding the interactions between physical, biological components and evolutionary processes of the landscape, developing critical skills regarding landscape transformation, and learning about the multiplicity of application areas.

The Construction Engineering curriculum is oriented toward design and executive processes of architecture to be built from scratch or constructed. It develops knowledge and skills on material, formal and functional aspects, structural and physical-technical aspects, and constructional aspects related to production, performance and uses of materials. The workshops propose complex themes with central attention to the energy balance, constructability and realizability of what is designed.

Head of programme

8694_Andrea Giachetta

Welcome. This degree program, in its different educational curricula, allows to acquire all the foundational knowledge and skills for an interdisciplinary approach to the design of architecture, building systems, and the built environment. The framework of the teachings offered, historical-critical, technical-scientific, and laboratory, is very rich and stimulating, allowing each individual to put his or her skills to good use in a continuous exchange with other students and faculty.

Head of programme

Where we are

Department of Architecture and Design - DAD
. Stradone S. Agostino 37
16123 Genoa

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