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Committees and delegates

Course Council Coordinator

He is responsible for:

  • fulfilling the functions assigned to him/her by the University Statute and the University Teaching Regulations, among which he/she is the chairperson of the Coordinating Committee of the Course Council
  • coordinating the QA Committee of the CCS
  • convoking the CCS
  • approving the SUA-CdS, SMA and RCRs
  • communicating to the CCS the result of the activities carried out by the committees and the various activity leaders



The Course of Study (CdS) is equipped with a Quality Assurance (QA) system to keep management processes under control.

Course of Study QA Committee

It is in charge of:

  • compiling and updating the Single Annual Report Card (SUA-CdS) and the Annual Monitoring Form (SMA)
  • editing the Cyclic Review Report (RCR) and monitoring the progress of proposed improvement activities
  • analyzing teaching evaluation questionnaires, Almalaurea questionnaires, reports of the School Joint Committee


  • monitor reports and requests from students, faculty and administrative technical staff

  • identify the training demand and training objectives
  • develop the training course

Committee members


Vittorio Sanguineti - (coordinator)

Elisabetta Finocchio -

Paolo Massobrio -

Roberto Raiteri -

Elena Tortora -

Teaching Commission

It is in charge of:

  • verifying teaching facilities and student services
  • verifying CFUs in relation to teaching load and progression in semesters
  • revising access requirements and arrangements for mid-term and final examinations
  • checking information in teaching records
  • monitoring the course of education and organizing it taking into account the needs of facilities and services

  • monitor students' careers

  • propose improvements in educational offerings and the quality of teaching

  • verify the appropriateness of curricula

  • evaluate proposals for adjustments to teaching regulations, teaching regulations and the curriculum manifesto

Committee members

Steering Committee

It is responsible for:

  • expressing the needs from society and the world of work and culture
  • providing an opinion between the consistency of the course of study and specific training activities with the demand for training


Committee members

Company representatives:

Carlo Cecchi - IFM INFOMASTER S.P.A. -


Members of the department

Committee on orientation activities

She is in charge of:

  • organizing orientation activities with schools and school/work alternation

  • organizing activities to promote the CoS externally

Committee members

Mentoring committees

She is responsible for:

  • coordinating the activities of reception tutoring and educational tutoring

  • organize targeted meetings with student tutors and orgianize support services (e.g., study groups)


Responsible for coordinating the timetable

International Relations Commission

Internship and traineeship commission and orientation to the world of work

It is in charge of:

  • promoting and managing proposals for internship/internship activities

  • organizing the collection of questionnaires and opinions of the institutions at which internships and placements have been carried out

  • organizing activities to promote orientation to the world of work (meetings with companies, etc.)

Committee members

Final proof and thesis committee

Promotes and verifies the conduct of activities for the final test, in particular:

  • collect activity proposals

  • verify the suitability of proposals

  • verify the updating of proposals

  • assign proposals

Committee members

Coordinating committee

He is in charge of:

  • coordinating the course governance activities carried out by the various committees and those responsible for specific functions


Committee members

Website manager

It is responsible for:

  • updating and verifying the information on the study course website
  • checking that transparency requirements are met


Responsible for coordinating class schedule and exams

It is responsible for:

  • managing class schedules so as to avoid overlapping

  • optimize the distribution of exam dates


Responsible for international activities

She is in charge of:

  • coordinating students in the Erasmus+ program or other international programs

  • promoting the internationalization of the LSC through outward promotional activities and faculty mobility

Contact person

Responsible for Departmental Quality Assurance (RAQ)

Prof. Silvio Paolo Sabatini - Department of Computer Science, Bioengineering, Robotics and Systems Engineering - DIBRIS

Responsible for business and employment

Responsible for the Master's Degree Access Test.

Internship and Thesis Committee

The Commission is responsible for promoting and verifying the conduct of activities for the Final Examination.

Specifically, it is responsible for:

  • collecting internship proposals
  • verifying the suitability of proposals and their periodic update
  • assigning internships
  • evaluating internship activities
  • assigning, after hearing the opinion of the supervisor(s), the CFUs related to the activity and their online registration.


Committee members