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The course in brief


The Master's Degree in Management Engineering is aimed at training a professional capable of designing and managing production and logistics systems, organizing and managing a business, conducting economic-financial analysis, implementing and developing management control, and planning and managing large projects. The training makes use of a strong integration with local, national and international production realities through seminars, visits and internships.

Learning by doing

Next to group work and internships, which are the main tool, practical experiences involve operational activities of studying and formulating actions in the field - at companies - in different fields, from management control to marketing, etc.

Professional outlets

All those private or public areas where knowledge is needed:

  • design and manage production and logistics systems
  • planning strategic initiatives
  • carry out economic and financial analyses
  • plan and manage the innovation process
  • implement and develop management control
  • plan and manage major projects

Did you know that.

  • Each week, opportunities are offered to discuss the experiences of former students.
  • More than 60 percent of management engineers are employed in service enterprises, and one in four is a consultant
  • The Genovese management engineers are all employed in less than one and a half months.
  • Multidisciplinary training provides access to both industrial and service activities.


The training course offers both technological knowledge and managerial skills, in order to train a professional capable of confronting the complexity of the industrial and services fabric and, more generally, the economic environment. 

The graduate in management engineering is a professional who knows the principles of operation, design and modeling of production systems of goods and services and logistics systems. To these skills he combines an understanding of the interactions that link technological variables to economic, organizational and financial variables--whether declined at the factory, enterprise or industry level.

The planned teachings provide both modeling and quantitative analysis tools, including a variety of numerical, analytical, computational modeling and experimental methods, and specific knowledge aimed at analysis and problem solving in emerging areas of specialization, such as those related to innovation and change.

For example, the first group includes subjects such as Business Intelligence, Models and Methods for Optimization and Control, and Game Theory. The second group of teachings includes for example Management Control Systems, Innovation Management, Strategy and Planning Systems.


            <div>Silvano Cincotti</div>

Dear students, I send you my warmest welcome to the site of the master's degree in Management Engineering of the University of Genoa. I hope you will find in it the most important information regarding the course of study. The educational path of the master's degree in Engineering Management is certainly characterized by a primary position at the national level in the panorama of master's degrees in engineering.

Course Coordinator

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