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Final project

What is

For admission to the graduate examination, you must have completed all the credits required by the educational regulations of your degree program.

The undergraduate examination consists of the discussion, before a committee, of a thesis prepared under the guidance of one or more referees.

You will be able to carry out your study with a monographic, theoretical or experimental character in companies or external institutions, both public and private.

You will choose between two types of thesis depending on the degree of innovativeness and commitment required:

  • Thesis: it presupposes answering a theoretical question through argumentation or experiment. It is not related to an internship and the commitment is 6 months or so.
  • Thesis:is a compilative work, with a commitment less than 6 months and may deal with:
    • a problem or project known in the literature
    • an in-depth study of a topic found in the scientific literature.

What to do to graduate

If you are an undergraduate you must:

  1. Choose the graduate session
  2. .
  3. Deposit the title of the thesis
  4. Fill out the degree application online
  5. Fill out the AlmaLaurea questionnaire online
  6. In case you have books on loan, return them to the library
  7. .
  8. Fill out the assessment questionnaire for your course of study.


  1. Check that you are current with your tax payment
  2. .
  3. Pay the stamp tax of €16 for the issuance of the Graduation Diploma (payable through the online services - payment of fees and contributions)
  4. Check that you have taken all exams and educational activities
  5. Check that they are all marked on your online career.


For the Thesis

In addition to the judgment of the committee at the discussion, the thesis also involves the judgment of a contrapporteur. Therefore, you will need to submit your paper to the coordinator at least 21 days before the date of the graduation session. The coordinator will identify the counter-reporter from the list of experts proposed by the thesis advisor.

The overall evaluation of the thesis also takes into account the discussion and can vary between 0 and 6 points.

For the thesis

The overall evaluation, which will also take into account the discussion, can vary between 0 and 4 points. The thesis discussion represents a moment of real verification of your mastery of the topic: you will then have 30 minutes to expound.

The final test is passed if you obtained a grade of not less than 66 points out of 110.

Withdrawal of graduation scroll

Collection of Degree, Master's, Doctoral and Postgraduate scrolls for all schools takes place at the "UniGe World" spaces in Via Balbi 40-42 red - ground floor (opposite Via Balbi 5).

Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. only by appointment, booking on the specific page for the delivery of parchments.

Delegates must submit a hard copy of the delegation signed and photocopy of the delegate's ID.