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The course in brief


The course is designed for three-year graduates interested in pursuing their professional activity in the specifically motor field. The goal is to acquire scientific knowledge and skills in the field of motor activities for the prevention of pathological problems of the neuromotor system, to design motor reeducation paths adapted to new health conditions, as well as to provide knowledge on the management of preventive motor activities.

Learning by doing

The course includes a wide range of practical-application activities in university laboratories and research institutes assisted by clinical experts or through internships at societies and community centers such as sheltered health residences.

Professional outlets

  • Operator of prevention in health risk situations
  • Organizer of adapted motor activities in various age groups and the disabled
  • Access to research roles in academia


What you will learn

  • physical and rehabilitation medicine

    design the possible motor pathway for each disability category of the elderly

  • Theory and technique of motor activity in the elderly

    maintenance of the elderly person's autonomy through sports activities

  • biomechanics and bioengineering of movement

    apply biomechanical principles to improve performance and/or reduce injuries

  • developmental and educational psychology

    Emotional and motivational aspects of learning and preventive and adaptive behaviors

  • special pedagogy of adapted motor activities

    Special education to know how to plan and organize adapted motor activities

  • traumatology in old age

    learning of motor activities aimed at the prevention of traumatic pathologies

Did you know that.

  • Most of our students find job opportunities in the sports industry already during their studies.
  • New Adapted Physical Activity projects and the employment of new professionals are being studied.
  • If you are a champion and you are selected by the Unige Program for Champions, you will be helped to better balance sports and university commitments


Overall goal

To provide master's degree graduates with advanced scientific knowledge in the field of human motor activities, with special emphasis on the preventive and adapted areas.

Specific goals

In the course, knowledge is acquired for the maintenance of the best physical efficiency, throughout life, both in normal subjects and in populations predisposed to - or affected by - pathologies related to sedentary or incorrect lifestyles, adapting motor activities also to the needs of subjects with motor disabilities, or affected by pathologies that can benefit from physical exercise, including also the acquisition of skills aimed at prevention and recovery, through motor activity, from situations of child and adolescent distress.


The objectives are achieved through seminar-style lectures and meetings with experts in the field and successful professionals; through case studies, theoretical-practical demonstrations in the field, and individual exercises using advanced tools for analyzing motor activity and fitness status; through the compilation of individual literature reviews and writing original papers on the disciplines and techniques studied; through internships at qualified facilities for different preventive, post-rehabilitation and adaptive activities; and finally through the completion of an experimental thesis on a topic related to the curriculum of studies.


            <div>Piero Ruggeri</div>

I want to offer students from our Bachelor of Science in Exercise, Sport and Health Sciences or from other universities a solid guide that will accompany them on a specialized course of study in preparation for concrete professional outlets, in Italy or abroad.

Course Coordinator

Where we are

Department of Experimental Medicine
Via Leon Battista Alberti 2
16132 Genoa

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