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The graduate student in preventive and adapted motor activity science and techniques.

Who is he/she?

The Master's Degree in Preventive and Adapted Motor Activities Science acquires the function of:

=operator of general and specific prevention in health risk situations such as sedentariness, obesity,etc.;

=organizer of adapted motor activities in the various age groups (developmental, elderly and adult);

=organizer of adapted motor activities in the disabled in the various age groups;

=consultant for motor activities at public and private companies and organizations;

=expert in the design,conduct and management of motor activities aimed at the recovery of pathologies in post-rehabilitation.

What does he/she do?

The occupational and professional outlets of graduates in Motor Sciences result as follows:

?Access to Master's Degrees LM-68 and LM-A030.

?Access to University Courses of Higher Education (Postgraduate Courses, Master's Degree I°);

?Access to movement-sport research roles in universities (Research Fellowship; University Researcher) or in public law research institutes;

?Direct access to freelance practice or in association of movement-sport centers;

?Recruitment by companies in the sports sector, by research centers and facilities dedicated to motor and/or sports activities;

?Management of sports, recreational and fitness groups;

?Scientific dissemination

Where does he/she work?

teachers for differently abled, support

teachers of special schools

instructors of non-competitive sports disciplines