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Info 2024/2025

Duration 2 years
CFU 120
Class LM-68
Classe delle lauree magistrali in SCIENZE E TECNICHE DELLO SPORT (SPORT SCIENCE)
Access Free access
Locations GENOVA
Language Italian
Teaching mode Frontale
Taxes and fees From 0 to 3,000 a year. Find out if you qualify for grants ed exemptions
Student exchange International destinations and partners
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The course in brief


The course is designed to meet the needs of three-year graduates interested in pursuing their professional activities in the specifically sports field. It is characterized by a multidisciplinary training course that covers the most relevant topics in sports such as analysis of athletic gesture, biological, biomechanical, medical and psycho-sociological aspects of sports performance, and organization and management in sports.

Learning by doing

The course includes a wide range of practical-application activities in the field and in the laboratory, coordinated by experts in the field and elite athletes, carried out in university settings and through internships at qualified sports clubs and centers.

Professional outlets

  • Physical and athletic trainer and coach
  • Sports observer
  • Sports event organizer
  • Management of sports, recreation and fitness groups
  • Access to research roles in academia

What you will learn

sports physiology

The role of the neuromuscular system in optimizing sports performance

biomechanics of sporting gesture

biomechanics of joint movement aimed at simple and/or complex athletic gesture

analysis techniques in sports

Motor performance evaluation to improve sports performance

sports organization and management

School sports and the sports event management system

science and techniques of swimming sports

programming, organization and control of open water and water polo training

professional responsibility in sports

The legal institutions in the organization and exercise of sports activities


team sports science and techniques

know the technical tactical and physical motor components specific to the disciplines, e.g. soccer

sports traumatology

professionally appropriate knowledge of traumatic sports injuries


pharmacology in sports medicine

Cardiac, respiratory, allergic diseases in motor activities and drug treatment

Did you know that.

Most of our students find job opportunities in the sports industry already during their studies


More and more exercise science graduates from other universities are enrolling in this course


If you are a competitive athlete and you are selected by the Unige Program for Champions, you will be helped to better balance your athletic and college commitments


General objectives

During the course the following are acquired:

  • knowledge related to optimizing the physiological and technical performance of the athlete
  • knowledge and skills aimed at achieving the best competitive performance through advanced training techniques
  • knowledge about organizing, coordinating, leading, and managing sporting events.

The objectives are achieved by

  • seminar-style lectures and meetings with industry experts and elite athletes
  • case studies
  • theoretical and practical field demonstrations and exercises using advanced performance analysis tools
  • compilation of individual literature reviews and writing of original papers on the disciplines and techniques studied
  • stage at qualified sports clubs and centers for different sports disciplines
  • realization of an experimental thesis on a topic related to the curriculum of studies.


I want to offer students from our Bachelor of Science in Exercise, Sport and Health Sciences or from other universities a solid guide that will accompany them on a specialized course of study in preparation for concrete professional outlets.

Piero Ruggeri

Where we are

Department of Experimental Medicine
Via Leon Battista Alberti 2
16132 Genoa

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Educational Secretariat Sc. Motorie

Educational Secretariat
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