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Final project

What is

To be admitted to the final examination, you must have regularly attended the educational activities and earned the credits required by the regulations.

The final examination consists of the discussion, before a committee, of a paper summarizing experimental or internship activities, which ascertains your basic and professional preparation.

You must submit the paper to the committee at least 15 days before the graduation session.

What to do to graduate


If you are an undergraduate you must:

  1. Deposit the title of the thesis
  2. Choose the graduate session
  3. .
  4. Fill out the AlmaLaurea questionnaire online
  5. Fill out the graduation application online
  6. In case you have books on loan, return them to the library
  7. .
  8. Fill out the assessment questionnaire for your course of study.


  1. Check that you are current with your tax payment
  2. .
  3. Pay the stamp tax of €16 for the issuance of the Graduation Diploma (payable through the online services - payment of fees and contributions)
  4. Check that you have taken all exams and educational activities
  5. Check that they are all marked on your online career.




The maximum score for the final paper is 10 points to be added to the weighted average of the grades you have obtained.

In addition, you will be awarded 1 point if:

  • you have completed your studies within the stipulated time limit (3 academic years)
  • if during your studies you have done a training period abroad (minimum 3 months)

N.B.In determining your final grade, the committee also takes your resume into account.



To determine the graduation grade contribute:

  • average of grades from curricular examinations, including grades from internship activities (expressed in hundredths)
  • points awarded for each honors obtained in proficiency examinations (0.2 points per honors, up to a maximum of 2 points)
  • points awarded for duration of studies (0.5 points less for each repeated year, up to a maximum of -1.5)
  • points awarded for any period of study abroad: 1 point for 2 months + 0.5 points for any extension up to a maximum of 1.5
  • points awarded in the performance of the practicum examination (expressed in tenths)
  • points awarded by the graduate committee in the discussion of the thesis (expressed in tenths)

The committee has up to a maximum of 10 points available for:

  • the theoretical-application-experimental paper
  • the practical test
  • the curriculum (excluding marks for praise and repeated years)

The overall mark is rounded up or down to the nearest whole number.