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What is

Internship, or internship, is a period of orientation and training, carried out in a public or private work setting to facilitate your entry into the world of work.

Tirocinio curriculare

The curricular internship

The curricular internship consists of a period of training - of a maximum duration of 12 months, for each course of study cycle - carried out in a company, entity or institution, which allows you to complete and supplement your university course:

  • has an educational purpose, in that it allows you to deepen, verify and extend the learning received during your course of study
  • has an orientation purpose, in that it allows you to enter the world of work, to know internally the business reality and organizational/work dynamics and to assume greater awareness in professional choices
  • does not take the form of an employment relationship
  • must be included in the curriculum

Offerte di tirocinio

È possibile sapere con quali aziende, enti, associazioni è già stata sottoscritta la convenzione per tirocini curriculari, consultando l'elenco delle aziende convenzionate sul portale Attività Curricolari degli Studenti: Tirocinio e tesi.

Se non trovi l'offerta di tirocinio adatta a te

End of internship

At the end of the internship period, you must submit the following documentation to the Counter:

  • statement from the company stating the internship period and the successful completion
  • .
  • hour sheet completed and signed by you and the company tutor
  • the internship evaluation questionnaire at the Counter, in a way that guarantees anonymity
  • declaration form of the conclusion of the completed work placement. You must hand it in to the university lecturer/tutor, who will transcribe the CFUs accrued in the training and orientation placement booklet
  • .

The extracurricular (postgraduate) apprenticeship

Did you graduate? Visit the dedicated page for all the information you need on extracurricular traineeships and their activation.